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Chris Istace

Living life to the fullest on Vancouver Island. Following a path of mindfulness, simplicity and time spent in the beautiful outdoors. Explore-Adventure-Photograph

Climb Mt. Septimus via the X-Gully

Comox-Strathcona D, British Columbia
16.8 mi / 5905.5 ft gain

Scramble Mount Temple

Improvement District No. 9, Alberta
12.4 mi / 6430.4 ft gain

Winter Climbing Mount Arrowsmith

Errington, British Columbia

Climb Mackenzie Peak

Alberni-Clayoquot C, British Columbia
6.2 mi / 4101.1 ft gain

Hike Castle Grove of the Upper Walbran River Valley

Honeymoon Bay, British Columbia
3.2 mi

Hike Mount Prevost

Duncan, British Columbia
6.5 mi / 2473.8 ft gain

Mountain Bike Maple Mountain

Duncan, British Columbia

Hike Pocaterra Ridge

Kananaskis, Alberta
9 mi / 650 ft gain

Climb Triple Peak

Alberni-Clayoquot D, British Columbia
5.6 mi / 3149.6 ft gain