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Chase Dekker

Wildlife photographer and biologist currently based in my coastal hometown of Monterey, California. Always looking for the next wildlife adventure!

This was a really cool stop to spend an hour or so at. I wouldn't stop here for a sunrise or sunset shot with other sites being so close by (Jokulsarlon, Skogafoss, Skaftafell NP, etc.), but it should be included while driving Iceland's south coast. Easy walk up the side of the canyon, but they recently put up new trails and ropes so you cannot explore as much as you once could.

Going to Geysir is fun if you've never seen a thermal feature before. If you have visited Yellowstone and have a limited time in Iceland, I would skip visiting here. Fairly underwhelming to Yellowstone's geysers and hot springs. If you are already driving the Golden Circle, it's worth a quick stop.

This was one of the highlights of our time in northern Iceland. We spent a good amount of time here and I definitely recommend checking out both sides of the waterfall for different vantage points.

Seljalandsfoss is easily one of Iceland's prettiest, if not the most beautiful waterfall on the island. There are numerous photo ops and is extremely easy to get to. The only downside would be the amount of tourists, especially as Iceland continues to receive more arrivals. Other than that, it is a must-visit when coming to Iceland.

Every time I visit Banff, I make an effort to visit Vermillion Lakes a few times. I love walking around the small lakes and forests here and there is always something to see. I've come across moose, elk, loons, eagles, and more all by just walking up and down the road and short trail. Not to mention, it's right next to town making it an easy stop.

Got a permit to visit the Fiery Furnace in winter and there was no one else in the entire area. Complete silence made it worth the trip, but a lack of maps and suggested hikes made it a bit tricky on knowing where to go. Really neat area either way!

It's really not much of a walk to get out to Double Arch. You can see the pair of arches from the road, but they're really worth taking the 5 minutes to head out to and stand under! Very large and impressive formations!

This hike is nice and sometimes a little strenuous, but the view at the end and even part way up is really nice! You can see a lot of the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island from the top. Only go on a sunny day!

The hike to Fragrance Lake will get your blood and heart pumping for sure! I've done it a couple times and it's a great hike if you're in the Chuckanuts.

Did this hike a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it! We did not make it all the way to the end, but enjoyed the wide open views of the ocean. We passed by many elk and also saw a coyote in the distance. Definitely recommend this hike to anyone visiting Point Reyes. Do go with a group as a mountain lion has been living out in this area.

Went to Horseshoe Lake a few years back and enjoyed the easy walk. Also got to see moose and beavers in the marsh.

A lot of great trails, especially in spring when all the wildflowers are blooming. Not much of a scenic stop, but a good place to spend a few hours if you're in Big Sur for a few days.

Always such an easy and beautiful stop along Big Sur.

Hiked up to see Delicate Arch in winter and it was an amazing time. Winter provided far cooler conditions for hiking so no need to worry about heat. The arch was beautiful and a great sight. Only complaint is the trail is really poorly marked once you reach the large slick rock section.

This valley is really amazing no matter when you go, but to get the best flowers definitely stop and head down to see them between early February through early March!