Cassidy Meyers

I always saw these amazing photos of people out in nature...I never thought it was in my capabilities until I chose to make it real. Now I am becoming "one of those people" with the cool photo. Choose to create the future you want, I realized it really is that easy.

A must do!

We started our hike at 8am on a Friday at the Salmon La Sac Trail and got to Spade lake at 7pm. We took an hour break at Waputus for lunch. I did not want to leave!!! This place was Heaven to me....Saturday we took our time getting to Venus exploring the are around Spade along the way. The water is gorgeous and cold! It is so clear and the beautiful rocky mountains around you really feel like the perfect hug from mother nature. We heard and saw cute and fat Marmots on our way up. Following Venus to the left we climbed the little hill to get more Mt. views. I loved looking down at both the lakes and seeing the different shades of blue and seeing the rocks in the water. The wind was coming in hard at night but that did not stop up from bundling up and staring at the stars for hours. The only upsetting part is that someone decided to leave their bathroom mess on a large slab of rock, very disrespectful. Please take care of your bathroom needs at least 8 inches under ground...nobody wants to see it and one of the dogs felt inclined to try and roll in it...come on people. Looking forward to doing it again. We stayed up there for two nights and it was not enough! There is so much to explore and take in.