Carley Prestwich


Great views the whole way, it’s constantly changing scenery and each step is great. We went top (lava point) down in one day. Easy to do really. Pack enough water and snacks and it’s almost all downhill. Two uphill sections are brief. Overall, good hike.

Great Hike! (short But You CAN Go A Lot Farther )

Quick Hike. It Was All Frosty And Icy Late November. Very Gorgeous, But Slick Near The Falls.

Fun, Short Hike.

Good in winter, way too crowded summer weekends -- summer=zoo early spring or winter is nice. Early spring so there was still some snow, which made it even better! Make sure you climb up to be under the falls. Nice short hike, pretty neat fall.

Beautiful Drive! Some Good Exploring Off The Road Too.

Great drive and some nice little trails to explore. We were a little too late for most the leaves, but there were still some gorgeous colors! Only problem is no doggies in this canyon 😕 always a bummer, but enjoyable nonetheless!

Must Do.

Amazing views, less crowded than a lot of hikes in Zion. Easy to follow trail. Lots of elevation gain, but worth it!

At Night! So Amazing.

We came and did this on a lunar eclipse, breathtaking! Unforgettable experience. I really want to go back and do this again. Make sure you take proper headlamps, and extra! Plenty of water, and jacket too! Even in summertime. Night time you miss the crowds, it's silent besides the breeze and nocturnal creatures. So amazing!


Great hike, beautiful views. Most of the trail is uncrowded (going top down) but at the base in the park is a total mad house in busy season. I was not impressed by the narrows. Being a canyoneering lady, the "narrows" was not narrow at all, and hardly a slot canyon. I call it more a tourist trap than any. Growing up here, it's a must do, but if you are time crunched and a serious outdoorsman, find another off the beaten path trail. You won't regret it!

Gorgeous Hike!

This is a great experience, and a "must have" on your bucket list. Being so, there are lots of people. I suggest leaving early am to beat the crowds. Nice hike, the crawl out is steep, but do able for sure. Make sure and take plenty of water and energy snack!

Pretty Pools, Best In Winter.

Overcrowded, it is one of the most "hiked" trails in Zion. I recommend coming in off season!

Great Short Canyon For EXPERIENCED canyoneering

You must be efficient at rappelling, and canyoneering. Canyoneering is a unforgiving sport, but well worth the rewards. This canyon was short and fun. It's a good starting point, or if you are in Zion and only have half a Day left. For the more experienced, there are far far better slot canyons in Zion. Unless you are pressed on time, I would say definitely explore something bigger!

Used To Be A Hidden Gem, Now Overcrowded

This place used to be a wonderful spot for locals, and the few passer bys that heard it through word of mouth. Sadly because social media this place blew up, and now has too many disrespectful people. It has been ruined by trash and just plain too much traffic. Still a neat little hot pot area. Easy to get to, I guess is why it has gotten so beat up.

LOVE Exploring The San Rafael!

Growing up near here, I have done quite a few backpacking trips, day hikes, and canyoneering in this massive area. It truly is an amazing place. It requires you to be prepared since it is far from amenities. Being so, makes it a wonderful, indescribable experience. If you are an experienced outdoorsman, you HAVE to come here.