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Carl Schnitker

My name is Carl. I'm a student living in Southwest Colorado. I like to hike, bike, run, and climb rocks. I'm not the best at any of those things, but I usually try pretty hard.

Came here after a day exploring the Bodie Hills. It was a cold, windy day out in the hills, and the hot springs were an awesome way to finish it! It was a little crowded, but the crowds cleared out as it got darker. Great camping out in the Bodie Hills as well- it's all BLM land, so camping is free!

This is a pretty brutal hike in terms of elevation gain. Some might say "unrelenting". But reaching the high point of SoCal and it's accompanying views is pretty worth it. One word of advice- If you can swing it, try for a smog-free day to summit. It'll make the views all that much sweeter!

The best trip I've ever been on by far. Maybe hypocritical coming from the guy who wrote the article, but I can't recommend this trip enough, either as an introduction to the Sierras or a hike through the best parts of a familiar range. If you've got the backpacking chops, go for it! Pack light, swim in every lake, and take lots of photos. Happy trails!