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Carl Finkbeiner

Pulpit Rock is an epic destination for anyone traveling through central Alabama. Cheaha is a state park within the Talladega National Forrest. There is a $5 daily entry fee and you should know that entry to the park closes at sunset unless you are a registered camper, (additional fee for a variety of campsites, including cabins). It truly has, as you can see from the original post, a beautiful vista. The view faces west and provides amazing sunsets, (I have added several photos). If you are not a registered camper, you will have to leave just before sunset to avoid the park closing at sunset. The Trail itself has some unusual tree formations from an ice storm several years ago.

Oak Mountain State Park is a little piece of heaven, (almost 10,000 acres), surrounded by the suburbs of Birmingham. Once you have paid the five-dollar entry fee and entered the park, you will no longer realize the city is surrounding you. The Double Oak Lake area is more of a resort area. On the one side are the large parking lots, picnicking areas, and the marina. The 2.3-mile Lake Trail is on the other side. It is a nice level forest trail for bikers, joggers, and hikers. The views across the lake reminds you this is more of a resort area. I have hiked it often when time was running short. The fresh air and forest atmosphere were often the quick fix I needed. It is a great starter for young families. It often leads people into the other 9000 acres crisscrossed by over 50 miles of moderate to difficult trails leading to waterfalls, rock gardens, and high cliffs with amazing vistas.