Photograph Louise Falls in the Northwest Territories

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View a 50-foot tiered waterfall crash down into the Hay River Gorge.

Louise Falls is one of two large waterfalls located within Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park on the Hay River. The other waterfall in the park is upstream and named Alexandra Falls.

Louise Falls is a 15 metre (50 foot) high tiered cataract waterfall that is an awesome sight to see, especially during the spring when it is at maximum flow.

At the entrance of Louise Falls there is a large parking lot, a day use area and a pay camping area. The Louise Falls day use area includes picnic tables, fire pits, grass lawns, firewood, viewing benches, and interpretive signs. Many of the information signs detail the cultures and traditions of the Dene First Nation people and the surrounding ecosystem. Traditional Dene lore says that the falls are two spirits, Grandmother and Grandfather, who protect the area.

There is a 2.2 km (1.3 mile) boardwalk trail that connects Louise Falls to Alexandra Falls. That trail doesn't need to be hiked to be able to see both waterfalls as you can drive to both view points for each waterfall if necessary. The trail wanders through a boreal forest leading to a viewing platform with benches overlooking the Hay River Canyon and Louise Falls.

From the viewing area, there is an access route with a spiral staircase leading down through the trees to get a closer look at Louise Falls. Once at the edge of the falls, the trails to get to the river shore are a little bit precarious, so use extra caution.

Be careful when close to the edge of the waterfalls in the Twin Falls Gorge as they are both very powerful in all seasons, and large flowing falls and can be fatal if you fell into the river.

How to get to Louise Falls Day Use Area:

It is located 75 km (46.5 miles) after the NWT/Alberta border. From the Highway watch for signs pointing to the entrance of the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park and Louise Falls. It is 3 km (1.8 miles) north of Alexandra Falls.

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