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  • Toronto, Ontario

    Top Spots in and near Toronto

    • 900 Wilson Street East, Ontario

      Hike to Tiffany Falls

      0.4 mi
      Great waterfall to visit with parking accessible at the trailhead. Right off the road, you'll need to pay for parking but it's a nice waterfall especially in the fall. Can get pretty busy as it's becoming more and more popular nowadays with travelers, which can take away from getting a good photo...
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    • Niagara Falls, New York

      Hike To Niagara Gorge Whirlpools

      2 mi
      There are many different hiking trails in the Niagara Falls area, one of the favorites and most challenging being Devils Hole and Whirlpool Trail. Park at the far end of the lot at Whirlpool Park and walk towards the river where you'll see the trailhead going north. After about 5 minutes on this ...
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    • Niagara Falls, Ontario

      Photograph Niagara Falls

      Located on the Niagara River, which is the border of Canada and the USA, it dumps water from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. There are technically three waterfalls in close proximity that have come to form what is now just known as Niagara Falls. From largest to smallest there is Horseshoe Falls, Am...
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