Stargaze at the Top of Bear's Hump

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Added by David Voyevoda

Observe the stunning night sky above the town of Waterton with this rewarding beginner level hike.

Bear's Hump is one of the shortest hikes in Waterton Lakes National Park.  Fortunately, it also offers one of, if not the best, views of the small mountain town of Waterton and surrounding peaks.  At 2.8 kilometres and 200 meters of elevation gain round trip, this hike can be done in about an hour with family.  If you are one to push yourself on hikes, then it can easily be done in about 45 minutes round trip. 

Parking is super easy and accessible as the trailhead starts from the Waterton Visitor Centre.  This is a popular hike during the day, but at night you should have it all to yourself.  There are bathrooms in the parking lot that seem to be open 24/7 (they were still open at midnight on our way down!).  

The hike can be done in the dark with a headlamp without too much concern, the trail is fairly wide and well defined.  Gradually steepening switchbacks with wooden footings help guide your way up.  

Once you are at the top of Bear's Hump, the surface is mostly wide rock of varying height, but very navigable.  Since you are fully exposed at the top, it is almost always extremely windy.  Make sure you have a sturdy tripod and proper windproof layers so your night is more enjoyable!  

REMEMBER: Bears are very active in Waterton, always have bear spray on you and consider hiking with friends.   

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