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Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

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  • 10 Breathtaking Photography Locations Near Vancouver, BC

    There are plenty of well-known adventures around Vancity, but if off-the-beaten-path is more your jam, Vancouver has those in spades, too. Here are a combination of both, and a few of my personal favorites! The following is my list from close in proximity to about two hours out of town of beautif...
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  • Vancouver, British Columbia

    10 Hidden Gems Near Vancouver

    Perhaps due to the epic playgrounds of the Coast Mountains being so accessible in Vancouver, the municipal parks of the Lower Mainland are definitely underrated. Amongst these are some hidden gems you may have never heard of, but are definitely worth a visit at least once! Whether you need a new ...
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  • Danner Boots Mountain 600 Weatherized Review

    From the moment I put these boots on I knew they would be my go to boot for this winter's adventures. My first impressions went straight to comfort and style. The look of them is unlike any other hiking boot I have owned. They are truly a work of art and I immediately was complimented walking d...
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