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Strawberry Rock Trail

Trinidad, California

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2.99 miles

Elevation Gain

505 ft

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Added by Darwin Ratcliff

This hike through the forest that ends with incredible panoramic views of the ocean, redwoods, and mountains.

To get there: From the south, take the Trinidad exit, from which you will take a slight left/ go straight onto Trinidad Frontage rd. From The north, get off at the Trinidad exit, cross under the freeway, and take a left on Trinidad Frontage rd. Once on Trinidad Frontage rd, go straight to the end, and park somewhere to the side of the road.

The hike: At the trail head there's a gate blocking your way; just to the left around a tree a small path leads down to the main trail. Starting at approximately sea level, the trail starts out as an easy incline through the forest. During the winter/spring you can hear a stream meandering through, and at various points along the trail you can find spurs that lead you to it. 

After the first 0.5 miles there is a fork where you can go straight or left; go left. Here the incline starts to steepen slightly and you will pass a mini canyon, which has tiny waterfalls running through it in the winter/spring. The trail is easy to follow, widening and thinning as you go. Along the way look out for a hollow tree which you can stand inside of and look up at the canopy above. There's also a tree-people camp above your head, so keep your eyes peeled. 

At approximately 1 mile in, you come to another fork, where you go right instead of straight. This is a short, moderately section where you come out at the edge of a rock quarry. The path continues in a more open, flat nature. (get it . . . nature . . . caz you're in nature) Along the path you will come to a fork leading left, usually there is a rock arrow, take this path. After 100 yards or so you will come to another, smaller path to the left, again; take this path. This is the steepest part of the trail, but don't worry, you're almost there. 

The path will come to a fork where you can go straight to a big rock, or right, up another (very short) steep trail. The right is the easier way. You will come out of this narrow path at the base of a large rock. You made it. This is Strawberry Rock. There is a rope to help you climb up the steepest part of the rock, (about 15 ft). I've seen people from 8-65 climb this section, trust me, you can do it. From here, scramble left or right, each way works. I find the left slightly less treacherous, but either way you come out above the trees to an incredible panoramic view of everything that makes Humboldt special. Enjoy the view of Trinidad Head in the west, the rolling hills and mountains in the east, with breathtaking redwood forests everywhere in between.

This is an incredible place to sit above the fog (when it's there), watch a sunset, or just have a romantic picnic. (this is where my boyfriend took us on our first date. I was impressed). It is accessible, and doable, in all seasons, but be aware that when the rain starts the trail becomes a muddy mess, and part of it will turn into quick sand. I have seen dogs on the trail, though I would not recommend trying to get them up the rock. As someone who is afraid of heights myself, I can say that though unnerving, this is totally doable, and absolutely worth it.

Happy hiking! 

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Strawberry Rock Trail Reviews

Beautiful lookout over Trinidad Bay and the Trinidad village.

In memory of those lost aboard Coast Guard helicopter 1363. December 21, 1964. The crew of 1363 made 10 rescues throughout the day from the raging 1964 flood waters. On their way back to the Eureka/Arcata Airport, the airport experienced a power outage causing navigational aids to shut down. The aircraft crew was not able to navigate back to the airport and was caught in heavy rain and wind. The three air crew, a civillian spotter and three rescued passengers did not survive after a collision with terrain at a location called Strawberry Rock.

Beautiful redwood hike that ends with an adventure climbing up to the top of the rock to see the gorgeous 360 degree views that reach all the way to the ocean !

This is a woman’s rock where they go to pray for their grand children

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