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Sandstone slot canyons are always fun, and Peek-a-Boo Canyon definitely lives up to it's name. Definitely a must do if you're in the area!

I've wandered out to Horseshoe Bend twice and both time loved it. Although there are crowds of people, you can escape them by wandering to the right or left once you arrive at the bend. Also, I suggest going when the sun is high in the sky, or you'll be photographing mostly dark shadows in the bend. If there are clouds in the sky that will make for an epic sunset, then go at sunset.

Because of it's short, paved path this walk to Lower Yosemite Falls can be very crowded. But if you go in the winter or in the rain, you might get lucky (like I did) and have the falls all to yourself.

When you go to this viewpoint, it becomes clear why Ansel Adams photographed it. Another special place in the Valley.

Wanaka quickly became my favorite town in New Zealand and this tree just adds to the charm. Although somewhere in that lake now lies my gopro (which is kinda cool cause a piece of me is always there now)

Black Corridor is definitely my favorite sandstone sport-climbing crag! There is just something incredible about Red Rock climbing

Got to lead this climb a couple weeks ago and it was so fun! Climbed the 5.6 route (which is so closely bolted for JTree sport climbing) and then we rapped off the side with the 5.13 so we could stare at the craziness of that climb.

Did this hike last year and probably shouldn't have submitted. It started hailing just as we passed the saddle but we pushed on anyway. Definitely wasn't a smart decision, so make sure when you do this hike you get to the summit before the afternoon storms hit.

Along with the Narrows this is the only other backpacking trip I've done in Zion. The views were beautiful and it gets you to parts of the park where no one else ventures- we were the only ones on the trail until we reached Angels Landing.

Took a huge group of friends here and the stars and night and sunrise in the morning were incredible! Plus camping right on the beach is always a good time.

One of my favorite places to watch the sunset in Sedona! Definitely a must do.

Some friends and I hiked to a place that was a miniature version of The Wave that's in Arizona. I suggest this hike but do it in cooler temps- we went at the beginning of September and it was very very hot still.

Was here on Christmas Day last year, and the temps were perfect! I definitely suggest going in the winter to avoid the heat. Such an other-worldly experience!

Got to mess around these dunes while I was in Death Valley in December. I highly suggest going during the winter so the temperatures are a lot more bearable. And sunsets from the dunes are definitely are a can't miss!

Did this hike a couple years back with my family, and completely loved it. Sleeping right next to the river, and spending the hot days in the clear water made the very hot hike out at the end worth it.

Clouds Rest is definitely one of my favorite views in the park. I hiked to it's summit as part of a 21 mile day from Tenaya Lake to the Valley (https://www.theoutbound.com/yosemite/hiking/114893).

Love this short, steep hike. Spent my summer just outside Boulder and was lucky enough to get to the top of the Flatirons twice. The first time I did this hike, and the second time around I free-soloed the second flat iron- another must do for any climbers out there.

I've done this hike a bunch of times, but my most recent hike to Observation Point was in the snow. My family and I went to Zion in December, and sitting at Observation Point on Christmas Eve was definitely an unforgettable moment.