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  • Nor Yungas, Bolivia

    Top Spots in and near Nor Yungas

    • Nor Yungas, Bolivia

      Mountain Bike Death Road in La Paz

      39.8 mi / -11811 ft gain
      The Getting There: While there are many things in Bolivia you can do without a tour company, this is not one of them. When you arrive in La Paz, shop around for the best deal. There's a million places, just look around to make sure you don't get ripped off. The Trail The drop-off point is on a ma...
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    • -16.488643,-67.899031, Bolivia

      Hike the Takesi Trail

      24.9 mi / 6233.6 ft gain
      The Takesi trail is a 40km section of the Inca trail that covers some of the most diverse landscapes in the region, and has significant pre-columbian history that will keep you engaged the entire time.  Although the trek is not too difficult, there is a fairly significant climb in the beginning o...
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    • -16.353523,-68.131880, Bolivia

      Hike Chacaltaya

      2 mi / 334 ft gain
      Just a short drive from La Paz, Chacaltaya makes for a perfect short day hike if you are visiting Bolivia’s high altitude capital.  At 17,700’, Chacaltaya was once the highest elevation ski run in the world, with a rudimentary lodge and rope lift at the top of the mountain.  Unfortunately, due to...
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    • Condoriri, Bolivia

      Hike Pico Austria

      / 2969.2 ft gain
      This hike could be done on your own if you can find transportation to the trailhead (about three hours outside of La Paz). However,  there are many guiding companies in La Paz that will organize transportation, a guide, and food for you starting at about 450 bolivianos (around $65 USD).  The trai...
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