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    Looking for the best mountain biking in Austria? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Austria. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Mountain Biking Spots in and near Austria

    • Gschnitz, Austria

      Hike to the Tribulaunhütte in Gschnitztal

      7.5 mi / 2575.5 ft gain
      The Tribulaun Hütte mountain hut in the Gschnitztal is one of the easiest mountain huts to reach in the area. Leave your car (or take the Post Bus) to the end of the Gschnitztal valley. Just past the car park, the trail up to the Tribulaun hut begins. The trail starts as a wide gravel road that s...
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