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    Top Spots in and near Western Australia

    • William Bay, Western Australia

      Swim at Elephant Rocks Beach

      Just about 15km west of Denmark, Australia is one of Western Australia’s coolest beaches.  Elephant Rocks is just about 200 yards east of the popular Greens Pool.  A short walk east from the main parking area will take you down a series of stairs that will lead you to the beach of Elephant Rocks....
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    • Yallingup, Western Australia

      Take a Dip in the Injidup Natural Spa

      Just a few minutes drive from the bustling little town of Yallingup, towards Margaret River along Caves Road, you'll find a road heading west (Wyadup Road). Following it right to the end there's a carpark with amazing views of the Indian Ocean. You'll probably bump into a few surfers trying to ca...
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    • Forrestfield, Western Australia

      Hike to Lesmurdie Falls

      1.2 mi
      This walk is particularly recommended in winter and spring when the rains swell Lesmurdie Brook which tumbles over the Darling Range Escarpment. Walking down the hill, the trail follows the brook until it reaches a bridge at the top of the falls. A lookout allows you to view the falls and, on a c...
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    • Rottnest Island, Western Australia

      Explore Rottnest Island

      Rottnest Island is probably most famous for its adorable Quokka population, but the island also has lots more to explore outside the main settlement.  With well-marked walking and biking trails both on the beach, track and road, there of tons of places to see. With trails as long as 40km, you can...
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    • Herron, Western Australia

      Explore Lake Clifton and the Thrombolites

      0.4 mi
      This is one of the lesser known areas that has the conditions to allow thrombolites to thrive - a biofilm on the rocks that shows you what life looked like at the dawn of time billions of years ago.The walk is quite short (600m), but there is another option to take a 5km loop walk along Lake Clif...
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    • Yeagarup, Western Australia

      Climb Pemberton's Climbing Trees

      Just outside of the small town of Pemberton in Western Australia are three towering Karri trees that you can climb to to their highest branches.  The Karri tree is the third tallest species in the world, just behind the famous Sequoias and Douglas Firs.  With the help of bolted pegs that spiral a...
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    • Stirling Range National Park, Western Australia

      Hike to Mount Talyuberlup

      1.7 mi / 1312.3 ft gain
      The hike starts at the car park on Stirling Range Drive. If you're coming from Chester Pass Road then it's around 15 minutes down the gravel surfaced Sitriling Range Drive. Don't be put off though as the road is in very good condition and any 2 wheel drive will be able to make the trip quite comf...
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    • Mount Cooke, Western Australia

      Hike Sullivan's Rock to Monadnocks

      7.5 mi / 1650 ft gain
      Sullivan Rock to Monadnocks is a tricky one to find initially, but once you've worked out where to start and you've got the start of the trail sorted, it's easy from there. Start by pinning the corner of Albany Highway and Jarrahdale Road in your GPS. It's the easiest point from which to locate t...
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    • Torndirrup, Western Australia

      Hike the Bald Head Walk Trail

      7.8 mi / 2063.6 ft gain
      In Western Australia it’s not unusual to have to travel long distances to experience something out of the ordinary so when you can travel 20 minutes from a city centre and be immersed in a different world, you take advantage.The Bald Hill Walk Trail is a short drive from Albany in the state’s sou...
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    • Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

      Swim with Stingrays at Hamelin Bay

      Just 35km South of Margaret River lies one of Western Australia's best natural gems, Hamelin Bay.  The best part about this beach is that calm and shallow waters of the bay here are home to many beautiful sting rays.  Although you will not find this beach in most tourist pamphlets, that does not ...
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    • Darling Downs, Western Australia

      Hike the Wungong Gorge

      7.5 mi
      This adventure is about 12 km's there and back. You can park your car on south western hwy and walk there and back, observing God's creation in the meantime. When you get at the end you can eat a snack at the picnic tables or even have lunch there. You can also walk up the road to the Yungong Dam...
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    • Kalamunda, Western Australia

      Hike the Bibbulmun Track

      624.5 mi
      The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's great long distance walk trails, stretching 1000km from Kalamunda, a suburb in the hills on the outskirts of Perth, to the historic town of Albany on the south coast. It passes through the heart of the scenic south west of Western Australia. The Track is ...
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    • Naturaliste, Western Australia

      Hike the Cape to Cape Track

      83.9 mi
      More Information: The official website website offers more information of the track. I highly recommend to get the Guidebook (available in every book or outdoor store around the area) which contains detailed maps, where to access or exit the beach, wildlife and vegetation of the trackStart/End: ...
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    • Boranup, Western Australia

      Relax at Redgate Beach

      The best times to go are either during a big swell so you can admire the waves crashing against the rocks, a bright sunny day so you can admire the red rocks and beautiful turquoise water, or at sunset where you can admire the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. To be honest, it would be hard to f...
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