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  • Beech Forest
  • Beech Forest, Victoria

    Top Spots in and near Beech Forest

    • Beech Forest, Victoria

      Explore Hopetoun Falls on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

      Hopetoun Falls has around 200 stairs descending into the lush rainforest to reach Hopetoun Falls, it may seem like a daunting idea and one that could also be rough on the old’ knees.  It is worth the struggle though just so you can witness this 30 metre fall of ice-cold water into the Aire River....
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    • Beech Forest, Victoria

      Explore Beauchamp Falls on the Great Ocean Road

      0.5 mi
      Located between Apollo Bay and the 12 Apostles in Beech Forest, hidden behind a dense array of ferns, is a temperate rainforest.  Containing a high biodiversity and homing many of Australia’s unique flora and fauna, the Otways National Park. Beauchamp Falls offers free dog friendly camping making...
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    • Lorne, Victoria

      Backpack from Sheoak Falls to Sharps Track Camping Area

      6.8 mi / 656.2 ft gain
      The Otways National Park sits right on the Great Ocean Road, a stunning, lush park with lots of amazing tracks to explore. This track takes you through dense trees and walks along several stunning waterfalls.  Day One (4.8km) From Sheoak car park, follow the track up the hill towards Sheoak Falls...
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    • Bells Beach, Victoria

      Hike from Bells Beach to Point Addis

      9.6 mi / 853 ft gain
      Bells Beach is one of the first stops on the Great Ocean Road and an awesome spot to either surf or enjoy the small beach town vibe in the town of Torquay. Bells has some awesome storms and surges that come through so it's a great place to surf or watch the waves break. This trail can be either h...
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