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Beautiful place to watch the sunset. See a piece of Melbourne's history. Exposed pillars provide a unique subject to photograph.

Princes Pier was originally completed in 1915 and served as a major arrival point for new migrants until the late 60's. Despite the pier being closed to the public in the 90's, it caught fire 14 times in the three years between 2001 and 2004. The first 196m of Princes Pier were restored in 2006, leaving the exposed pillars we see today. The pier became open to the public again in 2011.

Only about a 10 minute walk from the Port Melbourne stop (last stop) on the 109 tram, Princes Pier is a beautiful place to take photos or just sit back and relax while the sun sets and cargo ships come into port.

The 109 tram drops you off at Station Pier, just turn right and walk along the waterfront pathway until you reach the next pier, which is Princes Pier. Continue to the end of the pier to see the exposed pillars.

Using a tripod and longer shutter speeds can be great for smoothing out the water in your pictures so the sunset reflects below the pillars.

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Relaxing Shoot

Great place to relax and take some shots while the sun sets. It’s not overly adventurous, but it’s a great way to spend an afternoon/evening. If you’re in Melbourne, it’s a great location to visit at least once!


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about 4 years ago

Cool Place But Not Overly Interesting

Though this is a cool place to see, I don't find it overly interesting. The history surrounding the area is definitely cool, but it's a very quick stop outside the city. If you're interested in visiting, you can make a beach day out of it as there are beaches closer to the foot of Bay Street.

Great View, Short Lived

A great place to visit/view, but in terms of adventure it's a little short lived and you can't experience it.

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