Hike the Coast Track from Bundeena to Wattamolla

14.9 miles 1246.7 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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Enjoy a hike just outside of Sydney along sandstone clifftops, beaches, and bushlands filled with wildlife. Highlights of the hike include Wedding Cake Rock and an optional sidetrack to the Jibbon aboriginal carvings. 

This hike is a part of the 26km Coast Track in Royal National Park. Please note that you must purchase a parking permit from one of the visitors centres. 

Another option is to make this hike into a point-to-point and leave the second car at the Wattamolla day area.

You can also get to Bundeena from Cronulla by ferry, walking to the start of the hike as indicated by the trailhead (as I did), which adds 2km each way. If you take the optional sidetrip, the additional kms will take you most of the way to the ferry (as it walks towards the wharf). 

From the trailhead, walk down the path (it looks like a 4x4 track at this point) until you see a sign for the Coast Track. You will pass the sign for the Jibbon Track, unless you wish to walk this portion of the track in the beginning, which you can take later. It will add 6km to your walk if you take the sidetrip from here. The aboriginal hand carvings are beautiful and interesting if you have time. There is a large rock under 2km from the wharf where the parks department has built a large viewing platform. If you're taking the ferry, I recommend taking the Jibbon track on the way back from the Coast Track, where you will walk past the Jibbon hand carvings, then through to a beach. Follow the beach, over a set of rocks into another cove. Here, there are houses, so you can take the pathway up onto the road. Plug the Bundeena Ferry into your phone from here, essentially walking along this road for around 1km then down from the road that doesn't go through to the wharf.

The beginning of the Coast Track takes you immediately to the coastline. The path is well-marked. You will walk past the balconies, a beautiful set of white clifftops, on to Wedding Cake Rock. If possible, try to get here early as it gets busy and the rock is best seen in the morning when the sun is shining on it. Please note that the rock is now completely fenced off since the cliffs are unstable, so unfortunately the view isn't as amazing as it once was.

From Wedding Cake Rock, you'll continue along the bushland cliffs, which open intermittently to allow you to take a look at the waves.

From the cliffs, you start to be able to see Marley and Little Marley Beach. The track slowly winds down to Marley Beach, which you cross, walking onto the rocks on the other side. From the rocks, you can start to look back and see the stunning cliffs you were just on. Follow the track from here to Little Marley Beach, which you also cross. 

From here, the track rises steeply back to the sandstone cliffs. If you look back, there are more stunning views of the beaches below. You'll continue on these cliffs for a few kms, until the track heads into the forest and starts to slowly descend.

The track will take you over Wattamolla Creek down to the day area. You can eat lunch or relax in the day area up top, or below where there are views of the waterfall. 

From here, make your way back the way you came. 

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Overall rating: 

An awesome walk just outside the city

Between the white sand and cliffside lookouts, this walk is well maintained and offers amazing views.

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