Summit Mt. Feathertop

13.7 miles 4921.3 ft gain

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Summit Victoria's 2nd highest peak.

Mt Feathertop is an iconic peak within the Victorian Alps. At the summit, spectacular 360 degree mountain views await as you stand over 1500m above the valleys below. There are two main access routes to the summit of Mt. Feathertop, Razorback Ridge from Mt. Hotham or the Bungalow Spur Track from Harrietville. This description will be based upon the Bungalow Spur Track.

The Bungalow Spur track starts just outside Harrietville in a beautiful gully at only 480m elevation. The route was made for pack-horses and makes a gradual but consistent ascent through beautiful forest layers up the Ovens valley for over 9km, ascending around 1000m until you reach Federation Hut at the treeline. Recent bushfires have made sections of this particularly stunning, as you walk through strands which have been completely scorched and wander in amazement at the regeneration as it happens before your eyes.

At about 8km, ruins of Bungalow hut sit on the side of the trail. From here, a small track leads about 200m off to the right of the trail to a small freshwater spring. This is the only available water source in the Feathertop vacinity.

Federation Hut sits on a ridge to the south of Mt Feathertop, and provides a comfortable place to spend the night when ascending the Mountain. Be prepared though - the hut does get busy and it is possible to have to camp outside - arguably more comfortable given the mice that also call the hut home!

From the hut, the walk follows the ridgeline north for another 2km to the summit. The final section is quite steep - so be prepared to sweat it out! The summit awaits - and beautiful views. Look North-West to Mt Bogong and the distant Main Range, South East to Mt Hotham and West to the distant Mt Buffalo.

There are many ways to do this trip from here - you can either return down Bungalow Spur to Harrietville or continue from Federation Hut South-East along Razorback Ridge to Mt Hotham.

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ūü•áTop Contributor

about 4 years ago

Beautiful hike!

Amazing hike in the middle of the Victorian Alps. We did this as a circuit backpacking trip and stayed at Federation Hut (which sits below Mt Feathertop) then did a second night after walking along The Razorback/Bon Accord Spur at Ovens River. The hike was well-marked and had some great viewpoints, though some of the second day was blanketed in fog. Highly recommend this hike!

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