Ashley Dohany

Great Hike!

Took my 3 year old. Got a little steep for him at the end, but he did it and seeing the cave for him was so worth it. We had a blast! Just wish I brought the streamlight so I could see farther into the mine. When I tracked it, out and back was 2.1 miles with 375 ft elevation. It took the kiddo and I about an hour and a half, but we did a lot of stopping and got sidetracked by random leaves and rocks...(did i mention he’s 3?) Over all it was beautiful. Would definitely recommend, especially to families with younger kids.

Busy But Beautiful

We completed this hike on a Saturday morning. The trail was beautiful and well kept. Took my 3 year old, who really enjoyed it; he loved finding side trails, climbing on rocks, and playing near the water. We were overcome with the amount of scout traps that were there. There were tons of kids, but we managed to escape the crowd by finding smaller trails along the way. Definitely a hike that I would do again on a weekday.