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  • Noord, Aruba

    Top Spots in and near Noord

    • Noord, Aruba

      Westpunt Loop

      2.54 mi / 30 ft gain
      The northern tip of Aruba is a very diverse landscape. It is fairly narrow, approximately 3/4ths of a mile wide, so walking around is very easy to do. A few of the main attractions so to speak are the Westpunt Boca, Westpunt Beach, and the Arashi Dunes. Because it is so narrow and full of rocky a...
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    • Oranjestad, Aruba

      Flamingo Beach

      Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island is a bucket list, relaxing adventure on the southern Caribbean island of Aruba. Here you'll find flamingos mingling amongst you on the warm, golden beaches and turquoise sea waters. The island consists of two sides: Iguana Beach where kids are permitted and Fl...
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