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Echo Canyon Trail on Camelback Mountain

Phoenix, Arizona

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2.46 miles

Elevation Gain

1214 ft

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Added by Tiffany Lachner

This is visible from almost anywhere in Phoenix with 360 degree views. It's an intense workout, with rock climbing almost the whole way up and great photo opportunities with plenty of wildlife.

If you live near or around Phoenix, you know that Camelback Mountain is pretty hard to miss. Due to the mountain's height, this hike isn't exactly what you would call easy. There are two sides of the mountain you can hike, Echo Canyon and Cholla Trail. Echo Canyon is shorter, but still an extremely difficult hike. Cholla Trail is longer and also strenuous.

To hike Echo Canyon, find a dirt path from the parking lot that leads up the side of the mountain. Once you get to the end of the dirt path, it's nothing but large boulders the rest of the way, making it a great workout but also very tiring. There are rails along part of the hike to hold onto, but most of it is straight rock climbing. There is also an abundance of wildlife, but be very cautious for rattle snakes – it is common to spot one from time to time while hiking.

Once you reach the top, the 360 degree views of the entire city are amazing. Makes the climb well worth it!

Try to do this hike during a weekday, and preferably when the weather is not too hot.

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I grew up doing this hike. Thought I would make it my first review on outbound.

Very challenging, especially going down. Easy to get off the trail, it was 68 degrees while I was there I can’t see this being a good or fun thing in any hotter weather. The views are awesome. I would wear gloves next time just because there is a lot to climb over and the railings going up can get sweaty and slick. Bring two bottles of h20 and a snack for the top. Wear a decent shoe like a hiking shoe for this. All an all was a great day.

I would call this more of a scramble than a traditional hike. Good workout and great view at the top. It was about 75 and sunny when we went and that was plenty hot enough for me. I'd definitely be careful if it's much warmer than that and echo bringing enough water. Trail was fairly busy as well when we went and still super enjoyable even though we had to stop for traffic a few times.

This trail is very steep but offers great views so many locals hike it as a part of their workout routine. The trail is often quite crowded . Expect there to be a line of people making their way up to the top.

This is definitely a challenging hike, but worth the effort! Very popular, parking is a nightmare. Bring more water than you think you need. Great views!

Started before the sun came up so we had headlamps to light the way. Also helpful were gloves since there is a lot of bouldering or navigating over large rocks that were cold at that time of day. The view is well worth the climb!

Don't let some of the other reviews saying this is easy to moderate. If you plan on making it to the top this will challenge even the fittest people. Making it to the top will be worth the suffering. Also make sure to wear good trail shoes or hiking boots. There is lots of climbing and bouldering especially towards the top. Good tracking and ankle support is a must. Also if you have bad knees this might night be the trail for you. Also to let you know this trail is one of the most rescued trails in the Phoenix area. Many visitors attempt this only to find themselves hurt, lost or dehydrated. Plan accordingly and you will have a good hike with some amazing views.

This is definitely a must if you are traveling to Phoenix. 360 degree views of the entire city. Bring plenty of water, and good shoes.

Harder than you’d expect. But totally worth it. Especially for sunrise. Don’t forget your headlamp! Look up the sunrise time on the weather channel then subtract an hour and that’s when you should set off! It was super busy by the time we summited and we left at 5:30AM. By the time we were at the end there was a line for parking at 7:30 AM... it was thanksgiving so that may be why.

Get there early and you'll avoid the crazy crowds and heat. But no matter what time of day, this trail is definitely a good, short mountain workout in the middle of the city.

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