Let's keep this place clean! It was a beautiful hike in, but the hot springs were littered with beer cans and there was toilet paper strewn about just up the hill from where we camped. This is especially ridiculous considering there is a pit toilet provided less than a mile away. Pack it in, pack it out!

Favorite spot

Nature porn!

We camped here in March 2015 and there was perfect weather for the hike in/out. If you are hoping to see some wildlife this is the place to be! Saw whales from our campsite and later watched them feeding just offshore from the lookout point down the trail. There was a red tailed hawk hunting above our camp that caught a snake. Ospreys were nesting nearby. A harbor seal followed us (in the water) as we walked down the beach to Alamere falls. In the middle of the night we woke to the eerily beautiful sound of coyotes echoing off the hills. Also, a big thank you to whoever the angel was that left us cold beer in the food locker.