Alyssa Lewis

I am a nature photographer, hiking addict and kayak lover. I love exploring this world one day at a time.

Boardwalk Beauty

Definitely the best of both worlds here. Being surrounded by nature without having to soak your feet if you don't want to. Beautifully maintained.


Just like the photos show this place is a gorgeous place to visit. Definitely will revisit in the future!

Trail Beauty

One of my favorite trails to ever hike. CNP has done such an amazing job with maintaining each trail. I visit as often as I can!


I visit the CNP regularly and this is always something I do! Absolutely gorgeous.

🥈 Contributor

over 4 years ago


This park is gorgeous. And the rapids have made it a very peaceful place. My fiancé and I went back to put a lock on the love lock bridge as well. Definitely will revisit whenever I'm near Augusta!

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over 4 years ago

Favorite Adventure Yet

This park is very well maintained and it is absolutely gorgeous. I plan on revisiting as often as possible!!

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over 4 years ago


I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina so I am used to the Riverfront Park. However, this river walk rivaled the one I'm used to. It was beautiful to walk alongside the Savannah River and it was very peaceful as well. Definitely would go again!