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Camp and Kayak at Holgate Glacier's Beach

Seward, Alaska

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Kenai Fjords National Park is pretty much only accessible by boat, plane, or kayak if you really want to see the beauty of this park. Make the most of it and camp right beside a glacier!

There are many options to go about your adventure in Kenai Fjords National Park. Once you've finally decided on this spot, you'll be glad you chose it!

First step on how to get here is by making a reservation with a company to get out there. Most people start from Seward or Homer, as it's the closest send off to the Aialik Bay. You can kayak, fly, or use a water taxi/chartered boat; those are the links to the recommended companies from the Kenai Fjords NP's website for you. There's a lot of restrictions and warnings that you should take heed to. Kayaking straight to Holgate Arm without a guide is extremely dangerous and advised not to do by the national park. Going with a kayaking group can get a bit expensive, but if you really want that experience...Do it!

Our group decided to go with one of the park's recommended water taxi companies, Miller's Landing. They provide round trip rides out to either Aialik Bay or Holgate Arm. There are multiple other places you can camp at that they drop you off at, so if you're interested in multiple days and spots let them know! It isn't cheap to go out there because it's about a 2 to 4 hr boat ride each way depending on weather. Each person pays $315 plus tax. 

Next step is to decide if you want the option of renting kayaks with them to take out there with you. I highly recommend this, as you get to kayak right up to the glacier and around the bay. From that link, you'll see it's $80/day for a single and $110/day for a double. They provide all the necessary gear needed. With kayaking around the bay from the beach, you will not need a guide. You can check out this article for kayaking around Aialik Glacier next to where you'll be here.

Last step is to decide if you want to actually tent camp or sleep in the cabin that is located on the north end of the cobble beach. The cabin sleeps up to 6 people, only has wooden bunk beds and a fold out table in it, and is currently $75/night. You can make your reservations for the cabin here. If you decide to camp on the cobble beach on the south end, it's free! Basically the entire park is free to camping on the coasts within the park, but of course you must be responsible and practice Leave No Trace. Along with some other important key notes. Make sure to read them here under Camping Along the Coast

Be sure to check out this article, before you go, on helpful tips to know while there and how to make glacier iced cocktails!

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Camp and Kayak at Holgate Glacier's Beach Reviews

We camped here two nights in the summer, and one night was perfect camping weather while the other night was so windy at one point our tent was being blown down so hard it was touching our faces. Be prepared for wind, but enjoy the beauty!

Leave No Trace

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!


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