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Alan Maxcy

Hi! I am a self-taught photographer who specializes in landscape, lifestyle, and portrait photography. My wife and I are obsessed with tacos, craft beer, and traveling the world. My favorite photos are the ones that inspire me to go on an adventure. That is the affect I want my photography to have on others.

The view was worth it, but 11,000 ft and a 2500 ft climb from the trailhead made this quite the challenge for me and my wife. We aren't in GREAT shape, but we do enjoy hiking in and around Atlanta. Over hydrate before this hike if you live in the flatlands like me!

This was one of my favorite hikes we did while in Colorado. There is a lot of traffic, so the earlier you get there the better. It is just a beautiful hike.

One of our favorite places we went to while we were in Colorado. It is a must see. Especially the Bells at sunrise. However, we were not able to do any backcountry camping while we were there because of the bears.

Love this hike, camping at the summit is easy and it allows you to see some really beautiful sunsets and sunrises.