Climb the Unnamed Fire Tower in Tuscaloosa

Yellow Creek Road - Search Nearby - Added by Merritt McKinney

Located in Tuscaloosa, this forgotten fire tower is only a short walk from the side of the road! The structure is old and missing a few stairs here and there, so be extremely careful while climbing.

To my knowledge, this fire tower does not have a name. If you know the name of this fire tower, please leave it in the reviews below!

The firetower is located about 20 minutes north of Tuscaloosa. Heading north on AL-69, turn right onto Yellow Creek Road. Continue along Yellow Creek Road for .4 mile until you reach a dirt pull-off on your left. Do not block the gate! Walk past the gate and follow the trail to your left. The firetower will be visible from the road and impossible to miss. The walk to the firetower takes less than 5 minutes.

The fire tower is old and ill-kept. There are even a few stairs missing so be extremely careful and be certain to use the handrails while climbing. The tower is approximately 100 feet tall and stands high above the treeline. There is a small cabin at the top, however, it is littered with glass so be certain to wear closed-toe shoes. Overall, this fire tower is a great addition to the outdoor activities available in Tuscaloosa and is well-worth visiting!



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Great 9/10

Be careful because the stairs are wood and dry rotted. There are a few steps missing so watch your step as you’re climbing up. But the view was incredible and definitely a must do!

Great place

Very cool, but very sketchy stairs. BE CAREFUL! Amazing view, great for a quick study break if you're at UA. Also pretty sure it's named Pennington Fire Tower just throwing that out there.

Unnamed Firetower

Took a study break. Doesn't take long and the view is well worth the climb.