Hike to Stephens Gap

Alabama Stephens Gap Trailhead

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Short and easy hike to a huge 150ft cave with a waterfall. Stephens Gap is an unreal experience and a must-see hidden gem in Alabama.

The hike is 2 miles round trip. It starts from the open space where you park. (Details on where to park when you email in the permit). There is a sign labeled as the trailhead. Trail is easily visible, but just in case you can't follow it, they have marked it with yellow flags on trees. The trail and area was recently purchased by the SCCI and is still being worked on.

There are two entrances into the cave - A walk down entrance and an entrance to rappel. The cave can be very wet and slippery and the walk down entrance can be pretty steep so watch your step. The cave features a natural pedestal to stand on which is great for pictures and is also a great spot to rappel onto. There is about a 30ft drop off the backside of the pedestal so be careful getting up and down. The cave can be very loud if water is flowing.

For rappelling directly onto the pedestal, there is a keyhole that if you rappel into, will drop you directly onto the pedestal. The keyhole is a small hole on the upper side of the pit.

Pack List

To hike to Stephens Gap it is necessary to have the following:

  • The required permits and paperwork Instructions Here
  • A good pair of hiking shoes with good tread
  • Clothes that you expect to get muddy
  • A camera
  • Headlamp (Can be very dark)
  • Towels for the trip home
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Best Destination In Alabama

This is certainly a hidden gem. It's one of those places that you wonder how it is real. It's not difficult to hike to or travel down into the cave. Trail notes are spot on. Definitely get a permit.

6 days ago

10 months ago

I went the wrong way.

I went to Stephen's Gap in 2014 when it did not require a permit and did not have a detailed map. I found the coordinates from a hikers blog and started from there. My boyfriend, my sister and I parked the car on the side of the road and went up the gravel road to this rock quarry. We were suppose to take a left where we would have seen a sign for the trail head. Instead we took a right and ended up climbing all the way up and over till we finally found the cave over on the left side of the mountain. The cave itself was surreal I would defiantly go back. Thankfully we saw the trail on our way back. It was a much less strenuous hike back then the hike there.

10 months ago

10 months ago

Very Pretty And Decent Hike

The hike in was very easy and nice. If you do not have or plan in doing any repelling then plan on a short adventure. Once we got into the cave we realized that was far as we were going to be able to go. We couldn't get to the very bottom to go explore the caverns so we settled to take a few photos and explore outside. It was still with the drive from Atlanta but was under the impression we were going to go further in. If you go with the expectation of a short hike and some scenic photos you will dig it.

10 months ago

11 months ago


Beautiful area. Relatively easy hike to the gap. The drive from Birmingham is really nice. Try and get the permit at least a day in advance.

11 months ago

Added by Edward Day

Explorer. I like going places with my camera.

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