Hike to Nimis and Arx

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Explore a castle made from driftwood and a fortress of concrete and stone. Add in a rocky and cliffy coast line and this will surely become a favorite of all time.

This hike lies next to a nature reserve in south western Sweden. After passing the Himmelstorps Garden, Continue on to the right and follow the yellow "N"s and orange trailblazers. It seems like you're going to nowhere, but then you start descending a massive hill with very poor footing. After clambering down the rocky hillside, you eventually come to a little wooden portal that leads down into the heart of Nimis. Watch out for errant nails. After exploring the castle and its towers, which involves some climbing, head east along the coast by boulder hopping until you reach Arx, a little fortress made from stone, concrete, metal barring, and some wood. All of this makes up the Royal Republic of Ladonia, a micronation that claims ownership to this coastline. Artist Lars Vilks is the forefront of said proclamation, being the creator of the original castle and fortress. In recent years, one of the towers has burnt down, but many people have contributed and built up the castle by nailing their own driftwood to the castle. (You can indeed be a citizen of Ladonia.) 


1.6 Miles RT

Elevation Gain

-377.3 ft Gain




Photography, Hiking

Dog Friendly
Easy Parking

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