Nice little hike

At the top of Black Rock Mountain Parkway is a place to park before you go into the campsites. You can park and take the stairs across the road down to a trail that will lead you to a very relaxing waterfall. The trail has a nice incline coming back up. They have benches along the trail to relax or just chill. Nothing fancy but a nice little hike.

Beautiful views!!!

The drive up the mountain is about 8 miles of winding road. I went during early December and only saw one other car. I could imagine it would take a pretty long time up and down the mountain during peak travel time. There is only a handful of places for two cars to fit next to each other on the road when passing. The hike itself was very nice! A nice incline up with numerous little trails off the main path to get pictures. I would recommend a walking stick for going up and down. The scenery is absolutely beautiful once you get to the top. There are numerous places to get pictures or to sit and enjoy the view.

Easy access

This is a great spot to stop and see a beautiful water fall with easy access. I visited during early December so a little cold and slippery closer to the fall. Requires less than 30 minutes to walk down and around the fall with time for great pictures. My father and I were the only ones there when we visited.