Abby Vohaska

  • Hike Skilak Lookout

    This was my very first afternoon in Alaska. By myself just meandering around the state by car with a map in my lap. Alaska - what a limitless place of adventure. For those who end up following me, I have a things for places with bodies of water su...

    5 miles 900 ft gain

  • Backpack to Crater Lake in San Juan National Forest

    Reaching this trailhead actually begins off of Andrews Lake - you will see signs for Andrews Lake off HWY 550. I will provide directions from both Durango and Silverton at the end. The trailhead is extremely well marked the entire way. The mileage...

    11 miles 870 ft gain

  • Camp at Lower Blue Lake, Ridgeway Colorado

    This is a great day hike, and a great location to spend a night or two at the lower or middle lake.The trail head is just outside of Ridgeway, Colorado off of County Rd. 7 (I will provide directions toward the end).When I did this hike, I was comi...

    6.6 miles 2194 ft gain