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Adventures Near and Far for Every Family

Think you have to stop adventuring when parenthood begins? These stateside and worldwide adventures prove you can keep going and bring the whole family along!

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Hi, I'm Zenovia Stephens, Mom, Wife, and Founder of Black Kids Adventures, Inc non-profit organization. At BKA, our primary goal is to serve as a community hub to encourage more Black families to get involved with outdoor adventures. I'm also the person behind the Black Adventure Crew family blog, which highlights my and my family's experiences in hopes of inspiring others to get up, get out and live adventurously!

As a family with three young sons, we're always on the hunt for new and exciting things to do. Whether it be in our home state of Alabama or during our travels, getting outdoors is a must! Many families feel the same, so I put together this fun list of family-friendly adventures. Check it out and save it for your upcoming travel plans.

Catch Air on an Aerial Adventure in Greenville, South Carolina

Treetop Quest is the perfect opportunity to introduce and work through challenges as a family. Add in that it all happens from the sky; your day is sure to be full of fun. My boys love all things trees. Treetop is an excellent way to incorporate that curiosity while keeping things exciting. The park has over 60 obstacles and zipline courses, six specifically for kids ages 4-6, and many designed for beginners. Hanging around trees can come with a fair share of bugs. Sawyer's controlled-release repellant is a great option to keep bugs away for hours of outdoor play.

Treetop Quest

See Glowworms at Dismals Canyon in Phil Campbell, Alabama

Every now and then, we find exciting ways to spice up our hikes. If you, too, require a little something extra, head to Dismals Canyon for a night hike. Not only will you experience the beauty of the natural canyons, but you can also see Dismalites or "glowworms." Other things you can do on-site, see waterfalls, explore canyons, and enjoy old-fashioned milkshakes and malts.

We've experienced bug bite reactions traveling between states, and it's never fun watching the boys fight through irritation while trying to enjoy our time out. The Extractor Pump is an excellent addition to your travel pack for tackling pesky bites and stings.

Dismals Canyon

Go on a Safari in South Africa

We have gone on our fair share of Safari-type trips here in the states, but nothing beats an authentic African Safari experience. Viewing larger-than-life animals in their natural habitat will be the talk of the day. From Black rhinos to African buffalo, this is every Animal lover's dream. Be sure to pack extra memory cards for your camera; you won't want to miss the fantastic photo ops.

Family friendly safari in Botswana

Experience the "Land of Smiles" in the Thailand Rainforest

I don't know about you, but any place called the "Land of smiles" sounds like the place to be! Spend your mornings lounging at the beach while the kids build sandcastles, then zipline through the forest after lunch. One of our traditions is to incorporate a fun but educational component into all of our trips. Enjoy traditional Thai dance performances while immersing your family in Thai culture.

Don't forget to prepare your skin for all the fun you'll be soaking up. The "Stay-Put" sunscreen from Sawyer will help keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays.

Photo of Thailand by MT Sobek

Glamp like A Pro in Napa Valley

The idea of tent camping as a family can be overwhelming. I always worried my the kids wouldn't sleep or would spend all night tossing and turning, trying to adjust to sleeping on the ground. Glamping has become a nice segway between a world of convenience and one in the backcountry. Bothe-Napa Valley State Park has combined the perfect amount of "outdoorsy" with all the things to keep your family feeling comfortable into a yurt-style glamping experience. Complete your trip by going on the 3-mile Ritchey Canyon trail and taking a dip in the spring-fed pool.

Photo of Bothe-Napa Valley State Park by The Outbound Collective

Go Crabbing in Oregon

My idea of a vacation has a lot to do with experiencing things I can't do in my hometown of Huntsville, AL. I also love the idea of "farm to table" and exposing my family to how this concept works. Crabbing in Oregon does precisely that! Visit Kelly's Brighton Marina to rent a boat and all the gear needed to turn your whole family into Crabbers for the day. Once you've caught all you can during your allotted time, head back to shore to feast on your catch!

Kelly's Brighton Marina

Hike Behind A Waterfall at Noocalua Falls

We love a good waterfall view. More than that, we enjoy any chance to get close enough for a feel. Noccalua Falls offers up big family fun with the opportunity to hike right behind the 90ft waterfall. The park offers various hiking trails, campgrounds, a petting zoo, a botanical garden, and train rides for kids of all ages. There's so much to explore it's not impossible to run out of water along the way. Luckily there's plenty of water around. Grab a few personal water filtration bottles to ensure everyone stays hydrated for the day.

Photo of Noccalua Falls by Zenovia Stephens

Tour a Cave in South Dakota

Whether inside or out, caves are always an exciting topic in our house. "What's inside?" "How does it look?" "Do you think we'll see any bats?" are a few of the questions all asked as we prepare for any activity involving caves. Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota has over 140 miles of cave passages. Get all your kid's questions answered and more on one of the daily guided tours.

Photo of Wind Cave by Jason Hatfield

Are you heading to Alabama soon? Keep up with all of our family-friendly adventures at Black Adventure Crew. Please stop by and learn more about how we help families get outside at Black Kids Adventures, Inc.

Cover photo by Zenovia Stephens

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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