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Explore the Eureka Mine and the Cashier Mill

Inyo County, California


Added by John Maurizi

Explore a historic gold mine and mill. Much is intact to check out. Late day makes for great shadow effects for photography. 

The Eureka Mine was a gold mine founded by Shorty Harris and Pete Aguereberry. Pete won a legal battle and took control of the mine in 1909. It is said that the mine kept Pete making money for 40 years and earned $175,000 from the mine. That was at $20 per ounce. At current gold prices, the amount of gold pulled from Eureka would be $11,550,000! Makes you think of becoming a gold miner. But it looks like a difficult life with long days, dangerous conditions and the heat of Death Valley. The mine adits have been covered with gates to allow for the bats to enter and exit but keep visitors out.

Around the corner from the mine adit is the Cashier Mill. It was built in 1909 to extract gold from gold ore in the rock. The mill was operated by gasoline engines that would crush the rock. It would then be added to a Sodium Cyanide solution to extract the gold. Sounds dangerous and it was, because of the gas released by the sodium cyanide.

It is great to see a mill which this much intact. I was here near sunset and again had the place all to my self. I can't imagine now seeing this with people walking about. There are several mine shafts and adits around the mill. All have been blocked off so you cannot enter. I'm not sure how it is during midday but I recommend seeing these sites late in the day. Most people will not venture back late because they are not camping and would rather be somewhere for dinner at Furnace Creek. Seize that opportunity! This place is amazing when you are alone among the ruins of history.

The Cashier Mill is just past Aguereberry Camp on Aguereberry Point road.  You can walk from the camp but I suggest drive the short distance.

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