5 Adventure-Inspiring Artists You Should Follow

A small shout-out to some people providing big inspiration

By: Will Hughes + Save to a List

I have a running list of artists that I enjoy keeping up with. These creative folks are a great source of inspiration for me, and I wanted to give them some love and hopefully let other people discover some cool stuff. So here goes:

1. Sam Larson - Website | Instagram 

Sam Larson is an incredible artist creating all kinds of wanderlust-inducing magic. Many of his pieces are influenced by the American West, and bring about a sense of longing and nostalgia. His website is updated with drawings, photography, and even short videos. Check out his Instagram as well for additional updates.

2. John Fellows - WebsiteInstagram

John Fellows' work has been described as "contemporary-folk," and that seems like a fitting way to label it. He utilizes different materials and linoleum block printing to create unique works of art. His bearded characters, including grizzled sea captains and burly mountain men, seem to gaze out of the paper and dare us to get out there and explore.

3. Jonas Claesson - Website | Instagram

If you like surfing moose, skateboarding bears, camping dinosaurs and all sorts of other animals doing the stuff you love to do, Jonas is your man. His work inspires childlike wonder and enthusiasm for good old fashion fun under the sun (or stars). If you've got kids in your life, check out his Surfing Animals book.

4. Jeremy Collins - Website | Instagram 

You may have seen Collins' work through his company, Meridian Line. His collection of shirts, hats and prints all display incredible drawings of the awesome world we live in. Pulling inspiration from his time spent living out of a van in the American West, Collins seeks to celebrate the outdoor spirit by creating soulful works of art.

5. Craig Muderlak - Website | Instagram

Craig is one well rounded individual. Primarily an artist and climber, he works in a variety of mediums and styles to share not just depictions of the beautiful landscapes he finds himself climbing in but as an expression of the feelings these places evoke in him. He's a talented musician and creates animations our of his illustrations that will pull you out of whatever you're doing and on a brief but tranquil journey. 

Bonus: John Kenn Mortensen - Website | Instagram

Not exactly "adventure inspiring" the way these other artists are, and not for the faint of heart, Mortensen has a knack for perfectly capturing the nightmares of the children in all of us. His dark, whimsical creations invoke a sense of fear but also stir the curiosity of youth. A lot of his drawings are actually tiny little things done on sticky notes.

Well there's a few of my favorite artists to follow, hit up the comments section with some of yours!

Cover photo: Jonas Claesson 

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