Hike to Eagle Lake, WA

Rate this Adventure 8.5 miles 2000 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Bryan Carroll

Remote and quiet lake nestled just off of Highway 2. Old fishing shack is welcoming to any visitors who dares to enter its domain.

Start off on the same trail as Barclay Lake. After 2.25 miles, you will arrive at Barclay Lake. This lake can be quite busy in the summer months as it is relatively easy to access, and you may see many people camping there with their kids.

Continue around the lake until you almost reach the east end. Just before the trail ends, there is a hidden trail leading north up in the woods. This trail can be pretty easy to miss because it is not a maintained trail, and with all the blowdowns the area has had the past couple seasons, many trees may be covering the trail. Eventually, you will find a path that has obviously been traveled on.

After you make your climb, you will reach a small pond. This is not your final destination, but it does make for a nice place to stop (unless the bugs are bad, then it is best to move on). Continue to follow the path until you reach a meadow area.

Depending on the season, these meadows can be the worst part of the trip. If you go in early spring or late fall, be prepared for a nasty swampland. If it is in the summer, the meadows should be relatively dry.

Continue to make your way west through the meadows until you reach the lake. On the southwest side of the lake lies the old fishing shack. 

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