Kayak or SUP Lost Eden Canyon in Lake Powell

Lake Powell, Utah


Added by Austin Jackson

Lost Eden Canyon is one of the finest canyons on the north side of Lake Powell. It is one of the closest canyons to Bullfrog and Halls Crossing Marina, making it very easy access. The wakeless speed that is regulated in the canyon makes it a great choice for beginning and experienced paddlers alike.

IMPORTANT: Before entering any canyons in the Lake Powell National Recreation Area, always be sure to check the weather. Flash floods are common in this area and it is very unsafe to be in a canyon during a flash flood. 

The easiest way to reach this canyon is via Bullfrog Marina or Halls Crossing Marina. This canyon is only accessible via watercraft, so be sure that you have some kind of powerboat, kayak, or SUP. Also note that this canyon is wakeless, meaning you must keep your speed low if you are in a power boat. However, the best way to do this canyon is by kayak or SUP. We rented our boats from the Bullfrog Marina Rentals.

To begin, head south of Bullfrog Marina or Halls Crossing Marina a little less than a mile. On your right, you will see a small buoy that marks the entrance of Lost Eden Canyon. As I mentioned before, this canyon is wakeless, and I highly recommend doing it via kayak or SUP. If possible, it is best to get dropped off at the front of the canyon in your watercraft of choosing. If you have a houseboat, arrange to be dropped off at the front and plan for a 3-4 hour trip if you want to explore the whole canyon. If you paddle all the way from one of the marinas, you can plan to be out all day.

Upon entrance of the canyon, you will see that you can either choose to go straight, or you can go to the left. Both areas are definitely worth checking out, but if you have less time, I highly recommend opting to go left. You will paddle for about 20-30 minutes before you reach a spot where the canyon narrows. If the water level is right, you can beach your kayak (be sure to tie it off well, there is no phone service to call for help if it floats off!) and walk into a slot canyon by foot. We went the day after a large storm, and it was apparent that the canyon had water rushing through it the day before due to flash flood. Be warned, you will likely have to walk through a couple small pools of water! You can walk about a quarter mile in this canyon before reaching a spot where technical gear is required. At this point, take any pictures you'd like and head back.

Next, paddle back near the entrance and head to the back of the canyon. Down this side of the canyon, you will find some narrow canyons to paddle through and some amazing amphitheaters, but no where that you can beach your kayak or SUP to get out of the boat. This end of the canyon goes much deeper, and the majority of your trip will be spent here. There is so much to see and the walls on both sides of you can be hundreds of feet tall, depending on the water level

After you are done exploring, head back to the entrance of the canyon. If you go far enough out of the canyon, you may be able to find cellphone service (depending on your carrier) to call whoever is picking you up. Always be sure to leave no trace, and carry a lifejacket on your watercraft at all times!

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