Backpack Lone Peak via the Cherry Creek Logging Trail

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Lone Peak's sheer summit boasts a conquerers view over Utah Valley and the rugged granite-strewn cirque.  The Cherry Creek Logging Trail is a route that offers multiple water sources, forests, a clearly marked trail, a trail-side cabin, and impressive granite formations. 

You start this trail at the Orson Smith Park in Draper.  It joins with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail briefly before turning off onto the cherry creek logging trail.  It switchbacks for a long ways exposed on towards the valley.  It is fairly steep in places, but doable.  I had tennis shoes with a pretty slick tread and I was fine.  Once you get towards the top of the ridge, you turn left around the corner of the ridge and hike through coniferous forest.  A mile or so past the turn it starts to flatten out a little and there are some good spots to camp.  We camped in a nice sheltered hollow.  

The next morning, we continued until we reached a fork.  You take a left at the fork which heads into the woods.  In the woods there are several creek crossings where you can fill up on water. A little bit after you exit the forest you will find the cabin on your right just within the edge of the woods.  The trail continues on past the cabin following a dry creek bed. You take the creek bed (or the trail just above it on the left) until the ridge on the left joins with the ridge on the right and you can ascend up onto the right ridge.  You follow that ridge along and pass through some really cool solid granite landscape.  It is reminiscent of slickrock in moab, but with gray granite instead of the red rock.  You have to descend back down off the ridge again before the traditional ascent up to lone peak.  The further you get towards the peak the more scrambling you have to do.  It gets a little sketchy in places, so if you have fears of heights, you might want to come prepared.  The top is a bunch of large jumbled rocks.  It has a great view of the valley.  It has a sheer drop into the cirque, so it can be kind of disorienting to stand on the very top. Just watch your step. 

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Pack List

  • Lots of water or a water filter
  • Shoes with good traction
  • Trekking Poles are really helpful on the beginning dusty steep sections
  • Backpacking gear (tent, sleeping bag, pad, pack, etc.)
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Spring, Summer, Autumn

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15.8 Miles

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6683 Feet



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