Dresser, Wisconsin

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Top Hiking Spots in and near Dresser

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Run the Lake Harriet Loop

    3 mi / 10 ft gain
    This easily accessible loop takes you on a moderate walk around Lake Harriet, a popular recreational site for cyclers, walkers, runners, and families. You can cycle this trail in the clockwise direction, or opt to walk. Be sure to explore the surrounding park and gardens, afterwards!
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  • Bloomington, Minnesota

    Exploring the Minnesota Valley NWR

    3.5 mi
    It is 3.5 miles long one-way from the visitors center (3815 American Blvd. East 55425) to Cedar Ave. Bridge. Whether because of the foreword thinking early Minnesota legislators or simply because of the inhospitality of nature, most of the riverfront on both the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers t...
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  • Hastings, Minnesota

    Vermillion Falls

    0.8 mi / 56 ft gain
    Begin in the Old Mills parking lot located on 18th Street E. Head south along the paved trail running parallel to the railroad tracks. This trail is part of a 10-mile loop that leads out of the park and past the banks of the Mississippi. In approximately ½ mile, you’ll cross a long, wooden bridge...
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  • Eagan, Minnesota

    Lebanon Hills Blue Trail Loop

    2.61 mi / 305 ft gain
    Lebanon Hills Blue Trail Loop is a loop trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Saint Paul, Minnesota.
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  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Bloomington Ferry Trail

    16.94 mi / 814 ft gain
    Bloomington Ferry Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a river located near Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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  • Rogers, Minnesota

    Hike the Crow-Hassan Regional Park Loop

    4 mi / 90 ft gain
    Crow-Hassan Park Reserve is the largest prairie based park in the Twin Cities metro area. Although there are many ways to experience Crow-Hassan including horseback riding, canoeing on the scenic Crow River, or even staying the night in one of the park's campgrounds, the simplest way to enjoy it ...
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