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Yacolt, Washington

Looking for the best running in Yacolt? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Yacolt. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Running Spots in and near Yacolt

  • Portland, Oregon

    Tryon Creek Triple Bridge Loop

    3.35 mi / 479 ft gain
    Tryon Creek Triple Bridge Loop is a scenic approximately 3.5-mile loop with bridge crossings near downtown Portland. This trail is a great way to get outside, stretch your legs, and feel like you're away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  This trail is dog-friendly on-leash. If you're look...
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  • Portland, Oregon

    Tryon Creek Outer Loop

    5.12 mi / 554 ft gain
    Tryon Creek State Park has a fantastic, well-maintained trail system that’s a great alternative to Portland’s downtown Washington Park and Forest Park. It’s a super family-friendly area with a Nature Center that hosts kid’s events year-round. This entire area is relatively small and therefore eas...
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  • Beaverton, Oregon

    Hike through Tualatin Hills Nature Park

    2 mi
    This is an awesome place to escape to for a workout, or just a walk through the forest! You can make it a short walk, or turn it in to 6+ miles of loops! The one main trail is paved, but it’s not hard to find some single dirt track trails branching off and wandering through the trees, it can make...
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  • 11020 Southwest Denney Road, Oregon

    Run the Fanno Creek trail

    4 mi
    The parking lot marked is at the North end of the Fanno Creek trail, you can get on the paved path here and put on just about as many miles as you want! With the help of google maps on your phone you can follow trail hop all the way down to Tualatin! But if you're looking for a shorter workout yo...
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  • Stevenson, Washington

    Wind Mountain

    2.5 mi / 1037 ft gain
    Once you reach the parking lot, walk down the hill and find the trail head, which is easily seen as it is marked. Begin your trek up the trail. The way up is pretty much all uphill, and is a great workout for the legs. You will walk through forests and over many rocks on the way up. As soon as y...
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  • 7444-7498 Southwest 160th Avenue, Oregon

    Bike the Westside Regional Trail

    8 mi
    Technically this trail stretches from the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, down through the west Beaverton/ Sexton Mountain area and can comfortably get you to Barrow’s park near Big Al’s. The trail from end to end comes in at just over 8 miles, so a down and back by bike can make for a good workout a...
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  • West Linn, Oregon

    Run Old River Road to George Rogers Park

    4.8 mi / 100 ft gain
    Portland and its surrounding suburbs are filled with trails and hidden treasures, including this stretch along the Willamette River. This road is a super popular pedestrian path and can be accessed from West Linn, the Mary's Woods and Marylhurst Development, or from Lake Oswego off of Highway 43....
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  • Gladstone, Oregon

    Run the Clackamette Park Loop

    1.2 mi / 10 ft gain
    Clackamette Park is known for its prime destination right off of the freeway and across from Oregon City's most popular shopping area, but it's frequented for its public boat dock, RV facilities, and handicap-accessible picnic benches. While the rest of Portland's parks freeze over or flood, Clac...
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  • Cascade Locks, Oregon

    Mount Defiance

    12.55 mi / 5167 ft gain
    This hike starts at the Starvation Creek Rest Area. After parking, head west back along the shoulder of the freeway, where you’ll see a wooden sign stating “Mt. Defiance Trail.” Continue heading west along the abandoned Columbia River Highway. Keep going west as you pass the junction with the Sta...
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  • Oregon City, Oregon

    Walk the Canemah Bluff Loop

    1.6 mi / 200 ft gain
    You'll never stumble upon Canemah Park unless you're really looking for it. Tucked away in the hills of Oregon City above the Locks, this residential park has a miniature-sized set of everything you'd expect in a children's park: Playground, picnic benches, bathrooms, and wide, forested trails. D...
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  • Mount Hood, Oregon

    Timberline Loop Trail via the Top Spur Trail

    2.26 mi / 627 ft gain
    Starting at the parking area, cross the dirt road to start hiking up from the Top Spur Trailhead. In 0.4 miles you will reach the Pacific Crest Trail intersection, take a right onto the Pacific Crest Trail. In a couple hundred feet you will reach a larger intersection of a bunch of different trai...
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  • Yakima County, Washington

    Mount Adams Circumambulation

    35.1 mi / 8881 ft gain
    ***Before you go on this trek, give the Yakama Nation a call and talk to a Ranger to make sure the trail is open to backpackers or hikers.*** 1-509-865-5121 or 1-509-395-3402 There are a few places you can start this adventure, but starting from the South Climb Trail Head and Cold Spring Campgrou...
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  • Mount Hood, Oregon

    Cooper Spur

    6.87 mi / 3097 ft gain
    Cooper Spur is located on the north east side of Mount Hood. This is the hike to do if you want to get up close and personal with the mountain. To get there you have to drive around 10 miles up a bumpy dirt road, once off the main road. Low-clearance vehicles can make it but high clearance vehic...
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  • Government Camp, Oregon

    Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

    8.28 mi / 1726 ft gain
    Looking to score those iconic photos of Mt. Hood? Climb the well-graded trail to Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, one of the most accessible summit hikes to Portlanders, and see where they were all taken. Starting from the busy Mirror Lake Trailhead, climb roughly 900 feet and 1.5 miles to Mirror La...
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  • White Salmon, Washington

    Coyote Wall Loop

    6.29 mi / 1962 ft gain
    Coyote Wall is a relatively uncrowded trail system in the Columbia River Gorge that provides outstanding views of the Columbia River. The trail system is made up primarily of user-created mountain biking trails, allowing hikers a choose-your-own-adventure approach to exploring the area. Start o...
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