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Snoqualmie, Washington

Looking for the best running in Snoqualmie? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Snoqualmie. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Running Spots in and near Snoqualmie

  • Gold Bar, Washington

    Winter Backpack to Blanca Lake

    7.5 mi / 3300 ft gain
    Since Blanca Lake is a very popular place for folks to explore and with the nice and sunny weekend. I drove out Friday night and slept in my Jeep. Got up at 7:30am when folks first started arriving to the trail head.A couple of things to keep in mind before you start this hike. The 7.5 miles ro...
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  • Gig Harbor, Washington

    Run through Point Defiance Park

    4.3 mi
    Point Defiance Park is the largest urban park in Pierce County and it provides a variety of amenities. Located at the very northwest tip of Tacoma, the park provides residents with a much needed retreat from the bustle of everyday life. Point Defiance Park is the place to go if you need a quick d...
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  • Ashford, Washington

    Hike to Rainier NP's Ranger Falls

    7 mi
    When heading to the adventure, stopped at the ranger station in Carbon to get your day pass ($5.00) and then continue on to the trailhead. Park on the road next to the Carbon river around. Start the hike down an old paved road that eventually leads through some trails and then to a gravel road. T...
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  • Carbonado, Washington

    Hike the Upper Foothills Trail along the Carbon River

    10 mi / 30 ft gain
    The upper Foothills Trail from the Fairfax Bridge to Manley Moore can be hiked starting from either end as an "out and back" hike or a "point to point" by shuttling with two vehicles.  Starting from the upper end of the trail you begin by walking under the Kolisch Rd. Bridge, which has the Manley...
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  • Skykomish, Washington

    Snowshoe Lake Valhalla

    11.6 mi / 1500 ft gain
    You start out at Stevens Pass just across the street from the lodge. The trailhead is slightly hidden but it is located to the left of the substation. Parking is plenty before ski-season.  Once you are all geared up, you wanna hit the trail running cause this is a long one to snowshoe. With short...
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  • Leavenworth, Washington

    Mountain Run to Lake Ann and Ingalls

    9 mi / 2500 ft gain
    Both trails start at the Esmeralda Trailhead, Trail Number 1394. Lake Ann has a handful of folks that you will run into, whereas Lake Ingalls is a well-traveled trail. Both offer camping spots along the trail, and Lake Ann has spots where you can camp by the lake. NO CAMPING ALLOWED at Lake Ingal...
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  • Ashford, Washington

    Summerland Trail

    8.62 mi / 2359 ft gain
    The Summerland trail is by far the easiest trail that I ever experienced. The trail is well maintained and for the first 3 miles you are surrounded by trees and the sound of waterfalls and rivers, and it's green everywhere. The last 1.3 miles, you encounter switchbacks and you can get some view...
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  • Bremerton, Washington

    Hike the Gold Creek Trail at Green Mountain

    5 mi / 1000 ft gain
    The Gold Creek Trail is one of several trails in the Green Mountain region. Although the trail is intertwined with others, it is almost impossible to start down the wrong path. The trail is well-marked and well-maintained, making this an excellent option for the family.  The trail begins at the e...
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  • Leavenworth, Washington

    Day Hike the Enchantments

    18.05 mi / 4675 ft gain
    Start at the Stuart Lake trailhead, which at 3400' is a full 2000' higher than the Snow Lake trailhead you'll finish at. Put 2.5 easy miles under your feet along Mountaineer Creek before turning left on the trail up to Colchuck Lake. The trail steepens for the next 1.5 miles before popping you ou...
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