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Loomis, Washington

Top Spots in and near Loomis

  • Twisp, Washington

    Backpack to West Oval Lake

    14 mi / 4100 ft gain
    The trail to West Oval Lake begins at the Eagle Creek Trailhead, outside of Twisp, Washington. Follow the Eagle Creek trail for 1.9 miles until the trail splits. Take the left fork for Oval Creek and Oval Lakes. The trail continues winding through thick forest for approximately 4 more miles befor...
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  • Okanogan County, Washington

    Hike Tatie Peak and Grasshopper Pass

    11 mi / 1800 ft gain
    Direction are from Mazama, WA.  From Mazama drive west on the Lost River Road for approximately 19 miles to Hart's Pass.  Note that the pavement ends around 7 miles from Mazama and the road becomes FS RD 54. The drive up to Hart's Pass is fairly exposed in one spot and has unnerved several of my ...
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  • Winthrop, Washington

    Hike Abernathy Peak

    9 mi / 5100 ft gain
    Abernathy Peak is one of the shortest and easiest peak on the Bulger List, as it's just a walk-up covering  around 9 miles and 5100 feet in gain. The trail to starts at the Twisp River Trail, but a few paces after the trailhead, the trail splits and you head left for Scatter Lake. The next 3.5 mi...
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