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  • Jefferson County, Washington

    Top Spots in and near Jefferson County

    • Port Angeles, Washington

      High Divide and 7 Lakes Basin

      19.93 mi / 5056 ft gain
      A day spent plying the trails of the High Divide in Olympic National Park changes an outdoorsman. This moderate to strenuous loop boasts the best views on the peninsula, a chance to see foraging black bears and abundant deer, stunning waterfalls and marvelous old growth forests. By the time you f...
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    • Arlington, Washington

      Boulder River Trail

      8.12 mi / 1424 ft gain
      Boulder River is a great outing for those days when you feel like you just need a good hike through the forest. This makes for a nice long day hike, but because both of the large waterfalls are within the first half of the trail, you can still see the falls without going the whole way. One of the...
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    • Port Angeles, Washington

      Sol Duc Falls and Deer Lake

      7.17 mi / 1729 ft gain
      The hike to Sol Duc Falls is a simple 0.8 mile walk to a roaring falls on the Sol Duc River. If you’re up for more of a hike, continue on the trail to Deer Lake from Sol Duc Falls. At the fork in the trail, turn left and hike up away from the Lover's Lane Trail. The trail steepens and the rocky ...
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    • Arlington, Washington

      Three Fingers Lookout

      14.31 mi / 4357 ft gain
      Approximately 11 miles east of Granite Falls, WA, on the Mt. Loop Highway,  turn onto Forest Service road 41 and follow this road for 18.0 miles to the trailhead. The road is quite rough and it is recommended you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. There is a washout about halfway along the road, an...
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    • Bellingham, Washington

      Hike to Fragrance Lake

      5.5 mi / 950 ft gain
      Take Chuckanut Drive to the trailhead which is located directly across from the entrance to Larrabee State Park. A small lot in front of the trail has space for 8-10 cars, or you can park at the State Park and walk across the road (carefully!) to reach the trailhead. Either way you will need a Di...
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    • Langford, British Columbia

      Hiking the Goldmine Trail

      2.2 mi / 295.3 ft gain
      Goldstream Provincial Park is just a short drive from Victoria. Within 20 minutes of leaving the city center, you can be immersed in an old growth temperate rain forest.From Victoria, take the Trans-Canada highway to the start of the Malahat. The Goldstream day use area is well marked. Stop here ...
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