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Edmonds, Washington

Looking for the best chillin in Edmonds? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Edmonds. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Chillin Spots in and near Edmonds

  • Port Angeles, Washington

    Backpack to Grand Park in the Olympics

    7.5 mi / 2500 ft gain
    The beauty of many of the north coast trails in the Olympic Peninsula is that your car does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.  This is certainly true of the Grand Valley Trail, which begins more than a vertical mile above the Strait of Juan de Fuca at the end of the Obstruction Point Road.  Six...
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  • North Bend, Washington

    Goldmyer Hot Springs

    10.48 mi / 817 ft gain
    Goldmyer Hot Springs is a beautiful little gem nestled within the wilderness of the stunning Cascade Mountains. This hot springs complex is situated on the old remains of a mining town, and delivers steadily flowing water to a set of tiered pools along the mountainside. The “cave” pool at the top...
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  • Darrington, Washington

    Camp at Goat Lake

    10.4 mi / 1400 ft gain
    If you just loved your day hike to Goat Lake so much that you want to return and spend some more time, you're in luck - the lake offers a camping area that holds at least 15 campsites and even comes with a pit latrine. This is a great overnight option if you aren't looking for a difficult hike in...
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  • Anacortes, Washington

    Kayak Camp on Cypress Island

    16 mi
    We set out from the town of Anacortes, WA from Seafarers Memorial Park with a group of 6 people. Two in single kayaks and four in two tandem kayaks. After setting out into the water, keep to the west of Guemes island and follow the shoreline for a shorter trip or follow the east side for a longer...
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  • Gold Bar, Washington

    Winter Backpack to Blanca Lake

    7.5 mi / 3300 ft gain
    Since Blanca Lake is a very popular place for folks to explore and with the nice and sunny weekend. I drove out Friday night and slept in my Jeep. Got up at 7:30am when folks first started arriving to the trail head.A couple of things to keep in mind before you start this hike. The 7.5 miles ro...
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