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Eatonville, Washington

Looking for the best camping in Eatonville? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Eatonville. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Camping Spots in and near Eatonville

  • Toutle, Washington

    Mount Margaret's Ridge Camp via Coldwater Trailhead

    7.12 mi / 1634 ft gain
    The hike is relatively easy. I'd say intermediate due to the incline at the beginning. Also intermediate due to it being an backpacking camp adventure. A friend of mine and I backpacked in to shoot the sunset and sunrise. We went a little early in the season so it was also to scout for future ad...
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  • Enumclaw, Washington

    Backpack Noble Knob via Greenwater Trail

    16.9 mi / 3920 ft gain
    From Greenwater heading south: Pass the fire station to FR 70 on the left. Follow FR 70 for about nine miles to FR 7033. Take a right and follow the road to the trailhead. Northwest Forest Pass required. The trail is in good shape and mostly flat to Greenwater Lakes which is great for families a...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Backpack the Goat Lake-Jordan Basin Loop

    13 mi / 2400 ft gain
    This is one of my favorite hikes for Washington State. Aside from the massive volcanoes hanging out down here, the southern region of the cascades is much more tame compared to areas further north. As I mentioned in my Old Snowy report, a jaw dropping side trip from the loop trail, the Goat Rocks...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Summit Old Snowy Mountain

    17 mi / 3800 ft gain
    The hike begins just outside of Packwood, Wa at the Berry Patch Trailhead Trail #96, sitting pretty at about 4200ft. The Goat Lake/Jordan Basin loop trail starts here, leading to Old Snowy. The magical Goat Rocks Wilderness area is just southeast of Mt. Rainier. It also lies right in the crosshai...
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  • Silver Lake, Washington

    Getaway to Silver Lake Resort

    This resort sits right on Silver Lake, which makes it easy to do multiple activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating. Whether you want to tent camp or stay in a cabin, Silver Lake Resort has you covered.Silver Lake Resort offers boat/canoe rentals or if you have your own there is also a b...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Hike to Goat Lake, Goat Rocks Wilderness

    10.5 mi / 1400 ft gain
    The trip to Goat Lake starts at the Walupt Lake campground parking lot. You will start on the Walupt Lake Trail (#101) and a short distance from the campground, take Trail #98 (Nannie Ridge) as it branches off and climbs steeply northeast onto an open, scenic ridge top.Continue on to Sheep Lake, ...
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  • Issaquah, Washington

    Spend a Night at TreeHouse Point

    This is one of the most magical and romantic places on the planet to get a good night's rest. You'll find that words will escape you when it comes to describing how this place makes you feel. With the Raging River as a backdrop, the powerful white noise will put you into one of the deepest sleeps...
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  • Cougar, Washington

    Mount St. Helens Summit via Monitor Ridge

    8.64 mi / 4652 ft gain
    Monitor Ridge is the "easiest" of the routes one can take in order to claim that they have stood on top of the sleeping giant better known as Mount St. Helens. This route is heavily favored over Worm Flows as the starting elevation is not only an additional 1,000 feet higher but the overall asce...
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