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Concrete, Washington

Looking for the best chillin in Concrete? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Concrete. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Chillin Spots in and near Concrete

  • Anacortes, Washington

    Hike Sares Head

    2.1 mi / 440 ft gain
    Starting at the parking area, there is a roughly 2 mile hike through the woods. Depending on which route you take, you will suddenly end up at one of many incredible view points looking West at the Olympic Mountains, open ocean, and the San Juan Islands. In some areas you will be about 150 feet a...
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  • Winthrop, Washington

    Heather-Maple Pass Loop

    7.5 mi / 2185 ft gain
    Note to any hikers taking on this trail, this is a non-repeating trail meaning it goes in a big loop. The trailhead has 2 trail points of entrance. To the right (the pathway that is not paved) is the counter-clockwise route, a little less steep and more scenic at the start. To the left, the trail...
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  • Gold Bar, Washington

    Greider Lakes Trail

    8.5 mi / 2054 ft gain
    Greider Lakes Trail is an approximately 8+ mile hike out-and-back from the trailhead, which is labeled after a long drive up a gravel road. First 2 miles are flat, next 3 are switchbacks up. Once you reach the first larger lake, keep going! The second one is also gorgeous. This is a beautiful hik...
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  • Blakely Island, Washington

    Hike and Camp at James Island

    If you're looking for a weekend camping getaway to a small San Juan Island and you have a boat of substantial size or experience sea kayaking, this is the adventure for you!Launch your boat from Washington Park in Anacortes and cruise or sea kayak across Rosario Straight to James Island. There i...
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  • Fraser Valley F, British Columbia

    Hike to Cascade Falls, British Columbia

    0.5 mi / 131.2 ft gain
    When you get to the parking lot go past the access gate and follow the very well maintained trail. The hike to the viewing platform is all uphill, but short. After a couple minutes you will reach wooden stairs that take you to a viewing platform as well as to the suspension bridge where you can c...
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  • Blakely Island, Washington

    Boat Camp at Blakely Island

    From Washington Park in Anacortes, Washington we launched our 19' Beachcraft with a deep hull into Puget Sound on a beautiful blue sky morning. The weather and water was favorable for an overnight adventure to Blakely Island! We made our way across Rosario Straight and toward James Island (20 mi...
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