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Looking for the best backpacking in Washington? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Washington. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Backpacking Spots in and near Washington

  • Okanogan County, Washington

    Backpack to Remmel Mtn. & Four Point Lake

    Remmel Mountain (8685 ft), the former site of a fire lookout, is a massive pile of granite and a wonderful destination for panoramic views of the rugged Pasayten Wilderness. The mountain itself can be accessed from several trailheads and although there are no short routes to the base of the moun...
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  • Electric City, Washington

    Steamboat Rock

    4.12 mi / 1017 ft gain
    Steamboat Rock is a 600 acre basalt butte that rises 800 feet out of Banks Lake. The butte was carved out of the surrounding rock during the Great Missoula Floods. From atop the rock, take in the 360 degree views, appreciate the immensity of the floods and what has been left behind for us to enjo...
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  • La Push, Washington

    Toleak Point via Third Beach Trailhead

    11.98 mi / 1634 ft gain
    Start off hiking down to the very popular Third Beach, starting from the Third Beach trailhead and following the Pacific NW Trail near La Push, WA. Once down at the beach, push on beyond the sometimes crowded beach and enter one of the most amazing places in WA. Be careful of tides (check the ch...
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  • North Bend, Washington

    Winter Backpack Below Chair Peak

    6 mi / 1500 ft gain
    Hike or snowshoe to the ridge below Chair Peak and above Snow Lake and camp among numerous Snoqualmie Pass peaks.Drive to Snoqualmie Pass WA via I-90 and park at the Alpental parking lot (exit 52). Take the Snow Lake trail, which initially climbs 200 feet with wooden steps and eventually evens ou...
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  • Skamania County, Washington

    Climb Mount Adams North Cleaver Route

    17 mi / 7800 ft gain
    Mt Adams is the second tallest volcano in the Cascades and is one of the easiest to climb. There are two main nontechnical routes up Mt Adams, the well-known and crowded route on the south face, and the lesser traveled north cleaver route. The north cleaver offers solitude, views of Rainier, high...
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  • Forks, Washington

    Backpack to Chilean Memorial

    4 mi / 50 ft gain
    Backpacking on the Olympic Coast is an awesome way to spend a weekend. The scenery is rugged and wild. Many groups stop at the first camping areas available, but if you want less people and more scenery, keep going. Seals, Bald Eagles, Sea Otters, and other wildlife are common further up the beac...
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  • Marblemount, Washington

    Winter ascent of Trappers Peak

    9.78 mi / 3448 ft gain
    North Cascade National Park is home to some of the most rugged and remote mountains in the lower 48 states. Because of this, the area is rarely seen up close and personal in the winter, but there are a few spots where you can see these wild mountains that will defy all imagination. In terms of lo...
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  • North Bend, Washington

    Camp and Trail Run from Tuscohatchie Lake

    This is a beginner to intermediate hike, at the first mile the trail has it first break where you can go up to the Lookout. If you continue going straight, you'll find waterfalls and lakes on the trail. 2.5 Miles in on the trail is another turn to Ollalie and Talapus Lake. Continue onto the 4-m...
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  • Leavenworth, Washington

    Backpack to Ice Lakes Basin

    20 mi / 7600 ft gain
    Begin your adventure at the Phelps Creek Trailhead, roughly a 4 hour drive from Seattle. Make sure your car has good clearance and traction because the last section of the forest service road gets a little rough.  Only a few minutes after starting down the trail, you will reach a split that head...
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  • Ronald, Washington

    Backpack to Circle Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness

    16 mi / 2800 ft gain
    Start at the Cathedral Rock Trailhead and start to head up the long switchbacks. After running into the Trail Creek trail, keep right heading towards Cathedral Rock and Squaw Lake. There are a couple nice spots around Squaw Lake, about 2.5 miles in, to stop and have a snack. Now head around the l...
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  • Metaline Falls, Washington

    Backpack the Salmo-Priest Loop

    19 mi
    To begin let me just say that this trail has some beautifully breathtaking moments. Also, I highly recommend spring to early summer if you enjoy wildflowers.Okay.. so ... Me, my dog Tolkien and my partner did this trail in two days. However we did see a group of people that completed it in one da...
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  • Concrete, Washington

    Backpack the Easton Glacier Railroad Grade

    10 mi / 3000 ft gain
    Begin at the Park Butte trailhead, trail 603. Hike past the first Scott Paul trail sign a few hundred feet from the trailhead. Continue on and cross appropriately name Rocky Creek heading up on the Park Butte Trail. Continue up the Park Butte trail passing the Scott Paul trail again at about 4,50...
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  • Whatcom County, Washington

    Winter Hike to Winchester Mountain

    3.5 mi / 1320 ft gain
    Despite this trip report being titled "to Winchester Mountain", the fun doesn’t stop there. Even though Winchester Mountain is the most popular summer hike departing from Twin Lakes, this whole area turns into a fun-zone during the winter.Upon reaching higher ground above the lakes, this zone off...
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  • Deming, Washington

    Climb Mt. Shuksan via The Fisher Chimneys

    Out of all of the ruggedly beautiful, non-volcanic mountains in the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Shuksan is the center piece. Rising to a height of 9,131 feet, Mt. Shuksan is one of the most photographed mountains in the world with its jagged ridges, hanging glaciers, steep rocky faces and ease of acce...
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  • Randle, Washington

    Summit Old Snowy Mountain

    17 mi / 3800 ft gain
    The hike begins just outside of Packwood, Wa at the Berry Patch Trailhead Trail #96, sitting pretty at about 4200ft. The Goat Lake/Jordan Basin loop trail starts here, leading to Old Snowy. The magical Goat Rocks Wilderness area is just southeast of Mt. Rainier. It also lies right in the crosshai...
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  • Darrington, Washington

    Backpack to Glacier Peak Meadows and White Chuck Glacier

    34 mi / 9000 ft gain
    Starting at the North Fork Sauk Trailhead (NFD 49) off the Mountain Loop Highway, you will travel 5.3 miles and gain a leisurely 1,100 feet of elevation until you reach Mackinaw Shelter. This is where the real work begins. The trail gains a calf-burning 3,000 feet in the next 2.9 miles until you ...
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