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Dammeron Valley, Utah

Looking for the best rock climbing in Dammeron Valley? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Dammeron Valley. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near Dammeron Valley

  • Hurricane, Utah

    Canyoneering Pine Creek Canyon, Zion

    1.5 mi / -300 ft gain
    Disclaimer: Canyoneering is a dangerous and technical activity. Don’t enter any canyon without the skills to match it, or the knowledge to navigate it. Pine Creek requires a canyoneering permit that can be reserved online and picked up at the Zion Visitor Center. Be sure to reserve your permit 3 ...
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  • Springdale, Utah

    Canyoneering Keyhole Canyon

    Keyhole Canyon is an experience for the adventurous, thrill seeking explorer. Hidden between the jagged mountains of Zion National Park, this canyon sits roadside, just two miles from the east entrance. Before we continue, please note that Canyoneering is a dangerous sport. This canyon is not for...
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  • Mount Carmel, Utah

    Canyoneering Birch Hollow

    Birch Hollow is near Zion National Park, and accessible from North Fork Road (East Zion) past the Ponderosa Resort. If you do not hike out through Orderville into Zion National Park (ZNP) and the Narrows, then a ZNP Permit is not required (turning around and hiking back to your vehicle).The time ...
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  • Orderville, Utah

    East Rim Trail, Zion NP

    10.19 mi / 3000 ft gain
    The East Rim Trail is approximately 10-miles (one-way) and can either be started from the Eastern Entrance of Zion National Park, or more commonly from the Hidden Canyon or Observation Point Trailheads. Many people start from within Zion Canyon and do the arduous Observation Point Trail, forgoing...
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