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Benbrook, Texas

Top Spots in and near Benbrook

  • Plano, Texas

    Arbor Hills Mountain Bike Loop

    2.31 mi / 121 ft gain
    Arbor Hills Mountain Bike Loop is a 2.1 mile loop hike where you may see local wildlife located near Plano, TX.
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  • Plano, Texas

    Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Loop

    2.44 mi / 20 ft gain
    Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a free, fantastic get-away for a quick dose of the outdoors in the middle of the busy city. Safe and family-friendly, this preserve has a wide variety of visitors doing every type of activity, from jogging to mountain biking to drone flying. The playground sits nex...
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  • Dallas, Texas

    White Rock Lake Loop

    9.39 mi / 328 ft gain
    White Rock Lake is the crown jewel of Dallas. It includes a 9.3 mile loop trail that is available for hikers, bikers, and walkers. In addition to the trail, there are several scenic docks for fishers or people just looking to spend the evening somewhere outside of downtown. Whether you are lookin...
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