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Oakridge, Oregon

Top Spots in and near Oakridge

  • Bend, Oregon

    Snowshoe or XC Ski to Tumalo Falls

    5 mi / 500 ft gain
    If you are looking to Hike to Tumalo Falls in any season other than winter, click here!In the summer, Tumalo Falls can be a great destination to drive up and hang out due to the fact that you can park near the base of the falls. Because of this, it can get quite crowded! However, in the winter, t...
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  • Bend, Oregon

    Tumalo Falls and Double Falls

    2.01 mi / 318 ft gain
    Tumalo Falls and Double Falls is an out-and-back trail that takes you by two stunning waterfalls located near Bend, Oregon. This trail is dog friendly on-leash. 
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  • Deschutes County, Oregon

    Matthieu Lakes via Lava Camp Lake Trail

    6 mi / 922 ft gain
    Begin your hike at the Lava Camp Lake Trailhead. The trail winds through a forest flush with hemlock and fir while opening up into black lava flows. Continue for a little over two miles until you reach North Matthieu Lake. This is your first stop. Go for a swim out to the little island and have a...
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  • Deschutes County, Oregon

    Camp at Lava Lake

    Beautiful spot to set your tent up for a night or longer.About 12 spots scatter the immediate campground area, but while hiking we spotted several more dispersed throughout the towering Ponderosa Pine trees. Most of the spots circle a small lake. The ground in this site is a VERY soft dirt, perfe...
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  • Sisters, Oregon

    Hike around Clear Lake

    4 mi
    Once you arrive at Clear Lake, I suggest to start the relatively flat hike around the lake. You'll walk through a beautiful forest with peek-a-boo views of the stunning lake. The hike around the full lake may take a few hours, so if you're not staying the night, make sure you have enough time to ...
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  • Tiller, Oregon

    South Umpqua Falls

    If you are early enough, you can park at the designated day use parking area, which is where the bathroom is. There are picnic benches there along with a path to the top of the falls. If you want to be where the real action is, take the dirt trail down to the bottom of the falls which is less tha...
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  • Deschutes County, Oregon

    Chush Falls

    5.75 mi / 823 ft gain
    Just outside of Sisters, Oregon, near Bend, is a beautiful hike to a picturesque waterfall. It is rarely crowded thanks (and no thanks) to the Pole Creek Fire, which ravaged the area several years ago. Because of the fire, the hike and landscape have been drastically altered. What used to be a 2-...
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