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Looking for the best hiking in Oregon? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Oregon. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near Oregon

  • Cascade Locks, Oregon

    Snow Hike to Wahclella Falls

    2 mi
    The wooden bridges, Munra Falls, beautiful canyon walls, and the mossy grotto at the end of the canyon itself would be enough of a draw for this hike, but you round the last corner and 65 foot Wahclella Falls comes in full view.The big snow covered river rocks looked like giant marshmallows, and ...
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  • Mitchell, Oregon

    Walk the Painted Cove Loop Trail

    0.2 mi / 40 ft gain
    To get to the trailhead, use the US highway 26 which is the only way you can go to the Painted Hills Unit. Make a turn when arriving at Burnt Ranch Rd junction. Drive up and follow the sign around 6 miles. The trail junction is where you passed the Carroll Rim Trail and Painted Hill Overlook. Tur...
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  • Deschutes County, Oregon

    Dee Wright Observatory

    0.93 mi / 20 ft gain
    On your way to Proxy Falls from Bend? Stop by the Dee Wright Observatory to take some photos of the gorgeous mountains. The Observatory is at the summit of McKenzie Pass in Oregon's Cascade Mountains. Built right in the middle of a large lava flow, the open structure itself is actually construct...
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  • Warrenton, Oregon

    Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Fort Stevens SP

    0.2 mi / 0 ft gain
    At the northwestern-most point of Oregon sits Fort Stevens State Park. Located 3 ½ hrs from Seattle and 2 hrs from Portland, the park sits closest to the city of Astoria. The park itself has over 4300 acres to explore, with day use and camping open year round. However, the most well-known and mos...
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  • Deschutes County, Oregon

    Hike to Moraine Lake Beneath South Sister

    5 mi / 1476 ft gain
    The lake is less than 3 miles from Devils Lake. Starting from the Trail head along Cascade Lakes Highway you gain 1,476 feet of elevation. You will follow the South Sisters Climbers trail, it is well traveled, and well marked. The majority of the elevation gain occurs in the first two miles, as y...
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  • Sisters, Oregon

    Three Fingered Jack Loop

    24.07 mi / 3537 ft gain
    Begin this 2-3 day backpacking trek at the Santiam Pass trailhead off Highway 20, 31 miles east of Detroit and 21 miles west of Sisters, Oregon. You can begin the loop either north on the PCT or East on trail #4014 towards Square Lake (as it is a loop) I would recommend heading east. It's a 2.2 ...
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  • Eugene, Oregon

    Spencer Butte Loop

    1.6 mi / 564 ft gain
    Getting There Searching Spencer Butte Trailhead Parking Lot on Google Maps will direct you to exactly where you need to go. From downtown Eugene/ UO you'll drive south on Willamette St. until you see an official park sign for Spencer Butte Park. Take a left on the gated road (will be locked duri...
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  • Government Camp, Oregon

    Climb the Mt. Hood Summit

    7 mi / 5239 ft gain
    Starting at 6,000 ft of elevation at Timberline Lodge, start your climb up the south side of Mt. Hood. If you head out at noon, in 6 hours you can make it about an hour past the last ski lift, called Palmer, where you can set up camp for the night. You may need to dig out a flat spot for your ten...
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  • Portland, Oregon

    Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion

    4.7 mi / 965 ft gain
    Lower Macleay Park is one of most easily accessible trailheads in the city, especially during one of Portland’s rare snow years where even driving up to 500 feet of elevation can challenge your car. You can park within the park entrance cul-de-sac, around the intersection of Upshur St. & NW 2...
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  • Rhododendron, Oregon

    Burnt Lake and Zigzag Mountain

    12.27 mi / 3225 ft gain
    After getting your back country permit from a park ranger, you can park your car and head up Zigzag Mountain. There's a tiny 'parking lot' (lot of dirt) where you park that's right by the trailhead. The hike up to the campsites is roughly 4 miles, and it is all uphill. Not only are you surrounde...
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  • Joseph, Oregon

    Lakes Basin Loop and Eagle Cap Summit

    32.87 mi / 6604 ft gain
    The Location: With 360,000+ acres and 534 miles of trails, the Eagle Cap Wilderness is Oregon’s largest wilderness area. With rugged terrain similar to the nearby Sawtooth’s and distant Trinity Alps, this park's options for adventure are endless. This wilderness area is pristine despite its high ...
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  • Lane County, Oregon

    Tenas Lakes via Benson Lake Trail

    4.93 mi / 755 ft gain
    Starting from Scott Lake in the Willamette National Forest, take the Benson Lake Trail head that starts at the end of the road. This climbs gradually up to Benson Lake, a large, deep, cold lake. From there follow the trail up until you see a junction and a sign to Tenas Lakes. Follow this trail u...
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  • Beaver, Oregon

    Hike to Niagara Falls, OR

    4 mi / 800 ft gain
    Getting There Get onto Highway 101. Between Tillamook and Lincoln City at the town of Beaver, turn east near mile marker 80 onto a paved road toward upper Nestucca River. Follow this scenic road 6.7 miles to the town of Blaine. Stay to the right and drive another 4.8 miles; between mile markers 1...
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  • Mapleton, Oregon

    Hike to Sweet Creek Waterfall

    2.2 mi / 100 ft gain
    Make sure you add this hidden gem to your waterfall chasing plans on your road trip to Oregon. This underrated Oregon waterfall is the perfect hike for the entire family. The trail offers four different falls from 10-30 feet high. The trail slowly climbs 2.2 miles through a beautiful thick forest...
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  • Idanha, Oregon

    Hunt's Cove via Pamelia Lake Trail

    14.74 mi / 3150 ft gain
    This loop through the Pamelia Lake Limited Entry Area is one of the premier backpacking trips in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness. The trail offers sustained up-close views of Mount Jefferson and several lookout points provide panoramic views of the western Oregon Cascades. The several large back...
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  • Coos Bay, Oregon

    Hike through Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area

    3 mi / 570 ft gain
    Getting here was half the adventure. Google led us in quite the wrong way. Whatever you do, approach this park from Allegany, outside of Coos Bay. From Allegany there are signs to the park. The road is about 9 miles from here. Drive until the road dead ends with cement blocks. Here you will have ...
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